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  1. I would like to nominate myself well actually myself and my two children Oliver age 7 and Grace age 4. In March this year my husband Andrew Wise lost his battle to Kidney Cancer age 41. Since his death I have not worked but have devoted my time to fundraising for St Elizabeth hospice and have already raised over £6k and been in our local paper twice now regarding the events I have put on. We own a semi detached 3 bedroom house with a large garden that could really do with a makeover. Whilst my husband was terminally ill we lost quite a few fence panels in the high winds and the house to the left of us is a jungle as an old lady lives there and her garden has not been touched in years and is full of overgrown trees and shurbs.
    We recently had two of her trees fall into our garden whilst my children were playing outside and we constantly have leaves and seeds from the trees blowing in our garden all year and always more so in August. I used to love gardening and in our first house I had a lovely small garden but since my husband became ill in 2011 we have not had time to devote to the garden as we decided to make the most of the time we have together. Therefore my garden has lost all its boarders, the patio is old and has grass growing on it and the grass is full of weeds, moss and bald patches the garden shed is rotten. I hate my garden and cannot relax in it at all even though my children love playing in it. I know exactly what I would like – something simple that I could maintain on my own with a separate play area for the kids that I did not have to cut the grass as at the moment when I cut the grass I have to move the swing, trampoline and now a swimming pool that my father in law has just brought us. My garden vacuum recently broke so I am not even able to clean up the leaves so it looks like it is autumn in my garden. The most important thing to me now is the children and their happiness and spending time with them. I would love to have a garden that I could relax in and play with the children in, maybe a summer house to sit in and keep the garden furniture in as I get leaves and dirt blowing in from my neighbour all year round so we never sit outside as the garden furniture always needs cleaning before using it. If you saw the state of my garden I hope and pray that you take this challenge on. I would love to send you photos but I cannot see how I can add them to this or if I am writing this in the correct place or if you are still taking applications for your show. You would make a young widows dream come true and make two children who miss their daddy so much very happy. I hope to hear from you soon on how I can send you some pictures of my garden so you can see for yourself It really does need a garden makeover. Also my children have said they would love to have a pond as we cannot have pets as my son is allergic.

  2. I would like to apply for my mum who is a amazing mum for some one to help with getting her garden done
    20 month ago my mum woke to find my dad dead in bed next to her he was my mum’s carer and was not I’ll.
    In the 20 month since dad died my mum has gone through 4 major operation on her leg now going in for her 5th op on it if this op fail she has to have her leg amputated she also had to move house were she now is settled and loves her house. But mum is in a wheel chair but can not get into the garden because it’s. Graveled her chair dose not move on the gravel and she need the front garden paving for her special car can be parked on it and her ramp is able to open for her to get in and out in her chair
    Mum is very down because she loves been in her garden my mum dose every thing she can for me and my sister so now I would to do something for her please can you help me
    Thanks Jamie boben

  3. This for my daughter she as been a rock I have had cancer twice and she as got me though it her garden is very big and would be nice for her and her family to have a nice place its half the size of a football pitch if I was well enough I would do it I love my graden but somebody ealse to do it but the bones are there but there is nothing in my daughters can you help just to pay her back

  4. Hello
    With my husbands continue ill health we decided last September to move into a bungalow, looking to the future one level would make life much easier. The criteria
    for the search was a place that didn’t need a great deal of work doing to it and a smaller garden. Well I found a place with a wonderful view and forgot about the other details. Yes the bungalow needed more TLC than I realised but it is taking shape slowly day by day but the garden is a huge challenge. It is 200ft long, slopes down to the end and as it is on a hill is exposed to the wind coming off the sea. At the moment it is all grass with a very sad looking summer house half way down. I would love to make it interesting but have no idea where to start. In addition I couldn’t cope with the task that would be required to change it. I love being outside and it would be a joy to improve what looks like a runway for light aircraft. A challenge in deed.

  5. Good Morning, i would love for you & your team to help my mum turn her garden into a garden again, at the moment it looks like dead weed garden, my mum don’t have the time as she work at lot, and don’t have the time to do it. We only recently moved in and would love for my mum to have a garden brought back to life as of next month as it’s her birthday and she wanted a BBQ in the garden. I would love for her to come home to a garden where she can relax and appreciate the lovely weather with me & my sister, me & my sister love our mum and look out for her as she a epileptic, the only thing that has made the garden look nice is I recently painted her shed to give some life & colour in the garden again, but I would love put colour like plants and flowers and garden table and chairs to chill and relax in.

  6. Hello there. I would like to nominate my grandmother, who is 102 years old and her son who is 78 years old.
    My grandma’s garden is very important to her. She maintained it herself until about 10 years ago, when she became unstable on her feet. She has put a lot of work into it over the 70 years she has lived in her house. I work on her garden once a week all day on a Saturday. This is the most time I have free as I work full time and have a family and an 80 year old mother to shop for etc.
    My grandma has been in hospital. Now it seems she cannot use her legs at all. I know she looks out the window through the night so I put some colour changing solar lights out there. She watches them through the night.
    I am afraid that she will now not be able to go into the garden, as she cannot walk at all and the seating is not really suitable for her.
    While she has been in hospital I have been visiting her so I have not been able to maintain the garden. The weeds have had a field day and the garden is looking very untidy.
    It’s hard to get back on top of it as I cannot spend enough time on it to get it to a good standard, then to keep on top of it. It really needs to be cleared and started again.
    However a good weeding and the soil turned would be a brilliant help. I would be more than happy to be able to have it looking decent,rather than the mess it is now.
    I would be more than grateful if you were to consider helping me with the hard work of clearing the garden. You’s always seem to get things done effortlessly. The rate I am going, it would never be finished. I find I am just weeding week after week.
    My grandmas roses, some of them very very old, have black spot.
    I have told her that we should remove them all but she wont let me. She can see the flowers from the window so isn’t really bothered about the black spot as she cannot see it.!
    It would mean so much to me, my grandma and uncle if she was able to phone me with daily updates on the progress of every plant, every day, as she used to. It gives her a purpose.
    Many thanks for your consideration.

  7. My name is June Scrase and I would like to apply on behalf of my son Darren. I am terminal with lung cancer and my wish is to see that my son is OK when I am gone. My son has a very rare condition called clipofile syndrome which is a condition of the spine. He was born with this and I had to travel every day to great ormond street as he was in there from birth for a year. He has gone on to get married and have 4 children but he unfortunately got divorced. He has since remarried to clair who has 3 children of her own. He treats the kids as his own but finances prevent him from doing a great deal as obviously he is disabled. He is in a 3 bed house in Sheffield that has a disastrous garden and he is getting no help from the council. My dying wish is to get my son a nice garden that he,his,wife,his children and step children can enjoy. I hope you can help me in notching up another thing on my bucket list.
    Many thanks


  8. i would like to nominate my mother for this show,
    The gardens are really important to her, Being a mother of 8 children and several grandchildren she rarely had time to tend to the garden, Since our house burnt down the 1st of June things just haven’t been the same throughout our family. The house burnt down at half 5 on a sunday morning, throughout the 28years she has lived at our family home she has had many unique and mesmerizing idea’s to do in the garden. She is a massive fan of this show and i believe if she received a surprise visit from yourself and your team i think this will restore hope through our family, hope to hear from you guys soon

  9. Hi I would like to nominate my mam for the love your garden show but I’m not sure which email address I do this too, if someone could help me out and let me know, thanks :)

  10. Please i need help just moved into a council property. My garden can be described as an runway for and airport. Its full of weeds and things buried in it. It got more bumps than a camel. All i want is somewhere for my grandchildren to play where its safe. I have 3. Nicole 6 Brooke 4 Kyle 2. Nicole unfortunately is blind and has a brain tumour. We just want them to be able to come to nanas and bee safe. Please help me xxxx

  11. I would like to nominate my wife Sheree and my son Will for a well needed and deserved garden make over……we live in victorian house which we have spent 14 years renovating but sadly due to my wife being diagnosed with ME and Fibromyalgia in 2010 the garden which was her love and domain has to put it mildy suffered greatly…..also our youngest son age 10 who was born in 2003 3 yrs after Sherees diagnosis has been diagnosed with ADHD and Autism and both could really benefit from a garden make over…….Sherees great love is her garden and she would spend a lot of time in the garden as she found it theraputic but sadly due to being in great pain daily she can no longer fulfill garden tasks as she used to, this has made her quite depressed and she like nothing more than an afternoon spent gardening then to sit and relax and have lovely flowers to look at – she is also struggling to look after Will who needs supervising 24 hours per day – will has commented he would like an area to grow some vegs which would be something he could see of his own and would be a huge help to him to give him something to aim for and would address a lot of his needs as he does like to spend time in the garden but presently there isnt an awful lot for him to do in there……the garden is very large and way beyond my control now – we lost our business in 2010 due to the illness and have since had huge financial problems so havnt really been able to afford to employ someone to come and sort out for us……..the garden is split into two levels which the plan was for the bottom half to be a childrens garden and/or veg and fruit growing and the top Sheree sooo wanted to have as her own space for flowers and she is a huge fan of flowers with scents and roses etc…….the garden has immensely tall hedges on all sides which are now way beyond our control it would cost far too much to get someone in to do this and beyond our budget likewise its too far gone for us to do ourselves…………. it would really change the lives of both my wife and son if the garden had a makeover where will could have his own growing area and play area where he could be safely and my wife could have her lovely flower garden she has dreamt of………….the patio area as such was done temporarily 14 years ago out of very old flags and now is beyond repair !! …………..would really give us somewhere to chill and forget and move forward should we be lucky enough to get a wonderful garden makeover………….thank you x

  12. Please can I have help with my garden .

    Although I try to make it look nice it never does .

    I would be so happy for even flat Green grass with no hills ..

    IUnfortunately I do not have the creativity to make it look pretty or if I’m honest the money ..

    There’s only me and my daughter.

    Please please choose me..

    It would make me very happy and thankful x

  13. Please can you help me change my garden, I have two daughters one age 13 and one aged 20 months they desperately want to spend time I the garden but I don’t think it’s safe or any good as I have raised patio my wife would also like to down more time in the garden but can’t as it’s not very nice and is boring, please help us to change our garden so that we could spend more time in it as a family
    Kind regards

  14. i would like to nominate claire wilson as her husband is always at work n never gets times to help out with the garden she as 3 chrildren and would love for her kids to be able to enjoy playing out in the garden help for my auntie would be very greatfull

  15. I would like to nominate my mum for love your garden, she suffers with chronic obstructive pulmonary condition, she is now 85 and can no longer go up stairs or steps. Inside the house she has a stair lift but out side in the garden she has 8steps to reach the front gate which she can no longer manage. This means that mum can no longer leave the house. She loves her garden but unfortunately can no longer manage it . We manage the lawn but that is about it really..to get mum out of the house would be wonderful and to have a decent garden to sit in would be paradise….

  16. Il keep this short and sweet me and my wife would be very honoured if you could give us the garden of our dreams, we have been trying but funds are a problem. We want the perfect play area for our boys Lewis who is 3 and Jacob who is 1.

    Hopefully we will be very lucky and you came make this happen for us.

    Kind Regards

    Martin Harrison

  17. Hi Alan,

    I hope this finds you well!

    My name is Peter Smith (34), my younger brother Anthony (32) and I really need your help and assistance in bringing some relief and happiness to our parents Patricia & Les, who are currently finding things and everyday life very difficult.

    They are both avid garden people and enjoy using the garden to its fullest whenever they can, despite the fact that in its current state it is not very appealing at all to the eye. They are big fans of your show and have often said allowed “We would love Alan to surprise us one day? That would be a dream come true!”

    There is quite a bit more to this story though as my mum and Les have not been themselves for many years now.

    My mum has found it hard to accept the fact that she lost her mum suddenly at the age of just 47, when she passed away very suddenly from a stroke. This was devastating for mum as she was so young herself and that left my granddad to pick the family up and look after us all. My granddad was the hero that everyone knew he would be though and he lived, worked and cared for the family by himself for all the years to come.

    However, as recently as just 3 years ago my granddad too lost a seven month battle with brain cancer and passed away in May 2011. My mum was crushed by this as was the whole family but this has hit her the most as her dad was her best friend and the one person she looked up to for help and support. They were together every single Friday evening for 25 years when they went to play bingo at their local bingo hall. This was their thing and nothing came between them when Friday came!

    Whilst dealing with the family losses, my mum is also registered disabled after a heavy fall down the stairs about 10 years ago. Since then her quality of life and manoeuvrability have been seriously affected and she is in constant pain and has to use walking aids to get around. Plus having both hands undergo carpal tunnel surgery this has meant that getting around has been increasing more taxing and painful. She has been looked after throughout this time exceptionally well by our dad Les and he has done an amazing job. However…

    Les, was dealt a very heavy blow himself when he was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma (Bone Marrow Cancer) a few years ago. As you can imagine this news was heart wrenching for the whole family and had a huge impact on everyone. Les to his credit battled on through all of the extensive treatments and medication he had to endure, which included a complete ‘stem-cell’ replacement. Les came through this and was classed into remission which was the best news we could hope for as the disease will never be cured but only managed.

    This gave my parents a renewed lease of life and their mood improved considerably, so much so that they decided to move home from their 25 year town house in Canary Wharf to seek quieter living in rural Essex and Hornchurch. They purchased a lovely little three bed terrace house (with a very good size rear garden) and set out to make this their new home. Although it needed an enormous amount of work to make good, the whole family pitched in to give a hand and slowly we were turning the house into the perfect home for them.

    This was until the next big turn of events took place when Les was unexpectedly and through no fault of his own ‘let go’ from his long standing job with Canary Wharf maintenance. This news also hit the family hard as not only was Les giving constant care to my mum but also working hard on the property and earning a living too and now the only salary coming into the household was taken away.

    This left a dent in Les’s confidence and his mood quickly became one of despair and isolation due to the financial constraints they found themselves in. Which culminated in the resurgence of his cancer and after repeated tests at the hospital it was confirmed that the cancer had come back. Currently to date Les is having to go back through the same rigorous treatments as before and faces the same battle to beat the disease back into remission but we as a family will stick together and give support where we can.

    So… my hope is that… due to all that my parents have had to endure over the years. We would see your assistance and your special show being the one thing that would spark some light & enjoyment back into them both and give them that sense of joy and happiness again as I know that they wouldn’t want anything more than to sit out and enjoy their time together in a beautiful garden of their dreams.

    I hope that you can help me Alan as this would also give us all a real and much needed boost!

    Yours hopefully.

    Peter Smith

    (PS – I have also provided my contact number just in case you would prefer to contact me this way – 07943 819 464)

  18. Hi I would like to nominate myself and my partner.
    In February 2012 we got ourselves on the property ladder with a shared ownership scheme with the council, which is amazing these days at the ages of 22 and 26 and we are so happy but the lady in the house before us passed away and her garden had become very over grown. We have attempted to improve it ourselves but the way the garden has been constructed is awful, the lawn is up and down with pits and holes everywhere and the grass is terrible, it’s like wild grass growing everywhere and impossible to strim or cut with the lawnmower, the soul underneath is also full of rocks and the patio has been laid on soil so is sinking.
    We decided earlier this year to bring in a gardener who told us we would need a mini digger in to rip out the garden and start again costing over £4000 for the work. We wanted to go ahead with this however money like that we just didn’t have.
    I have now found out I’m pregnant and would love a little garden for my baby to be able to play and run around in without the worry of it falling into a pit or hole and hurting itself. I hope you consider us.
    Thank you

  19. Hello Alan,

        My name is Paul Wilkinson and I’m on a mercy mission for my very good friend Gordon Price (47) and his (soon to be) wife Elaine! On Thur 10/7/14 Gordon was diagnosed with an advanced tumour between his pancreas and his liver. He has been told that it is terminal and inoperable and that he has 12 months (best case scenario)! I am a disabled chap that has limited ability, Gordon has been a great friend to my wife and me, he has built us a gazebo, a BBQ and work top, he has built and laid a raised area and laid artificial grass and concreted a large area to be tiled for when I use my wheelchair. All of this has been done whilst he has been working full time and remodelling his own house. Gordon is one in a million that will be leaving a wife and son behind! Gordon had plans (in his head) for his garden, incorporating a gazebo, a patio/dining area, somewhere to escape! I fear that sadly Gordon may never see his garden look as he sees it in his minds eye. It is a small plot of around 21′ x 35′ next to a large brick garage.

        I know that your intervention would make a massive difference to Elaine.


    Mr. P Wilkinson

  20. Dear Alan, If anyone LOVES and feels at peace in her garden it is my good fiend Sharon. She lives with her beautiful cats and her hens in her sweet little cottage in rural Norfolk. She was a glamorous and dynamic air stewardess until, some years ago, at a very early age,she became ” limited ” by Rheumatoid Arthritis.
    She tries hard to keep on top of what is quite a fair size garden, working on it when her condition allows and employing a gardener when really necessary( although this is an expense she is really struggling with now).
    Sharon has had a challenging life, had to deal with the death of her mother as a teenager and then, at still a young age, her father too.
    The worst thing for her is feeling overwhelmed by her garden and would love it designed in a more ” low maintenance” sort of way so she could still enjoy it, do some pottering in it and not feel so sad that she is letting it get out of control.
    She may not perhaps fulfil your criteria, but, when her condition flares up, as it does regularly, she can not even turn a tap on! No-one would be more overjoyed to have Alan’s help and expertise. Thank you so much.

  21. I would like to nominate my friend Charlene Carson-Brown. She is such a wonderful person, friend, wife, daughter and importantly mother. She has 3 wonder intelligent young children. She has helped out so much in the community is always there for her friends family and children when they need support. The kids really need a area to play but the garden is needing some love. The children would benefit from this especially bethany, Bethany has down syndrome and is such a inspiration to everyone, everything she has been through yet she still keeps going. She keeps proofing all the professionals wrong. She has recently started walking despite being told she’ll not walk anytime soon….bethany would benefit from the garden being straightened out and made safe so she can go out and enjoy the fresh air and have her own we special space to get around. It would mean the world to charlene and her family to have their very own safe area to enjoy the outdoors without having to travel far.

  22. Dear Mr Titchmarsh,

    I would like to nominate my mother for the next series of Love your garden.
    My mum has had a rather difficult life probably from when my twin sister and I was born nearly 26 years ago. My twin sister got diagnosed with severe epilepsy at the age of 6 months. My dad left soon after. My mother was left at the age of 27 with my older brother 2 years old at that time and myself and my twin. She had to try and financially support us but also be there for us. She has continued to put everyone first but herself my twin sister who still lives at home has support during the day while my mum works. My mum gets up to my sister 3 times a night then still has to go to work with barely no sleep she has been doing this for nearly 26 years. Recently her dad feel ill and broke his hip so my mum has not only been a carer to my sister but to my dad while trying to work.
    My mum has always found comfort in being out in her garden, but recently she has got a little lost and has said that she does not know what to do anymore and that she even had a little cry. She has recently been clearing a spot for a swing chair she has been saving for this summer. But now she seems to have given up on the idea. Please help me in getting her garden back and giving her the comfort and enjoyment back which she once found in her garden.

    Kind Regards,


  23. I would like to nominate my mother for love your garden she is such a brave women and has worked hard all her life to provide for her children, when my brother turned four we discovered that he developed a muscle wasting disease which carries from the women gene, life is a constant battle for us all not only does my brother suffer everyday but my mum has four girls including myself and once hitting 16 we find out whether we also carry the gene which would cause for one of our boys to have the same disease so life’s hard but my mum copes everyday giving us all the support we need to get by, she is my brothers personal career and wakes every morning at 2am with him as he doesn’t sleep we’ll with his illness without her my brother would not be living at home, my dad has developed depression from the stress of our family troubles, the only thing that seems enjoyable to him is the garden sadly it’s never been the same since my brothers extension was built as he is fully wheel chair bound, we have nothing to show are happy family life and can’t even enjoy a BBQ together as are gardens destroyed, the extension ramp also does not lead to the garden so my brother has no access possible, my mums very much on her own at keeping our family together! Being able to give back to her would mean the world to the whole of my family we know she’d love nothing more than to be able to have the family time she desires and to spend days in a beautiful garden that creates our home with her 13 year old boy, four girls and husband.

    There’s not a better women you’ll meet, everyday you can see is a struggle but every morning her day starts at 2am to keep my brother company she then has to do everything for him to get him ready for his day once my brother has gone off to school she does the same for my sister, she doesn’t stop! Inside we know it’s hard for her buy everyday she does those things and she does it with a smile on her face and pretending to the world she’s completely ok.

    My mother is incredible, my inspiration and she deserves this so so much.
    My mum has a crazy busy life supporting us all including her mum and dad as both have recently fell I’ll my grandad has just kicked cancer but and my nan is constantly battling her heart condition, my mum has no family support as everyone of us rely on her and she’s incredible, she gives out and even though she needs the support herself she never expects anything back, having a garden suitable for us all would mean the world and more! It’ll allow us to have a garden to share and so much more family time,


    The Powell family:)

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