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  1. Dear Alan &crew,
    I would like to nominate my son Aled &his girlfriend Helen for a new garden. They are both 25 &have 3 beautiful children (7,2&1).Aled works 6 days a wk & Helen is a stay at home mum. They bought there first house together last yr and have done all of work to it (&still doing!)…..but haven’t managed to get the garden done as it is so large….can you help?.

  2. Hi Alan my wife has a kidney des ease called membranous Nefritas which means in the next two years she will need a kidney transplant, I myself suffered a couple of strokes last year so I am unable to care for her, myself and our garden in the way that I would like. I’m my case I suffer dizzy spells and headaches and I don’t know how long I gave left but I would love to transform our garden into something that would make us happy during whatever time we both have left. My wife Vero is Mexican and I miss living there I grow palms and bananas in summer to bring a little bit of Mexico to the Uk. We aren’t rich but if you could help us transform our garden we would be happy to share the costs.

    Kind Regards

    Nathan y Veronica

  3. Dear Alan,

    I wanted to put in a request for you to help my sister with her garden. My sister is 38 years old, and recently lost her husband (Jon) to cystic fibrosis. She has a beautiful 4 year old boy (Dylan) who loves to play in the garden, and they spent a lot of time out in the garden together this summer, remembering Jon who loved to sit on the green garden bench.

    My sister loves gardening, but her garden looking pretty dreary and she is lacking the energy and resources to make it into the space that she wants it to be. A space that her and Dylan can enjoy, and a space in which they can remember Jon. It would make a huge difference to both Dylan and my sister to have a nice space outside that they can enjoy and feel happy being in.

    Is this something you could help with? It would make such a huge difference to my sister and nephew. I tried to complete an application form but due to the PDF format I was unable to fill the sections in.

    Many thanks


  4. I have entered an application for a wonderful woman who has given above and beyond the call of duty for over 30 years for blind and partially sighted children from across the UK at St Vincent’s in Liverpool. Her ‘story tree’ idea providing learning opportunities and employable skills training in challenge to the 85% unemployment rate for visually impaired children is just unique…check it out on twitter @StvincentsL12

  5. Hi there, We moved to our present house, because it had a smaller garden & my transplanted kidney had started to fail, I have had several serious health issues on top of that. I always gardened with my husband whatever the weather & since my health has deteriorated, I find not only gardening is impossible, but access to our house very hard as both sides of the house has steep steps. Last year was dreadful for us I was diagnose with PMR & GCA a sight threading condition, a few weeks later my husband was in hospital with pneumonia, he is trying hard to get back to normal. The access is our biggest problem our main access is the back door there is a lovely deck, but it so slippery for me I dread going out. Simple access would be fantastic but have no idea how to go about it.

  6. I would like to nominate my mum Noreen also grandma to Thomas and Alice. My mum has a front garden that needs a complete transformation, she lives on her own and it would be a thank you to her as she deserves to be spoilt for all she does for us and for all the families she helps that live around her.Thank you

  7. I would love to nominate my daughter Jacqueline Tyrer.she works so hard with her three children and also works very hard collecting stem cells at the Anthony Nolan charity on Manchester St Mary’s hospital.she travels such a long way each day and leaves her so little time to do her garden.she has a boxer dog called Rosie so trying to get a garden which is dog and child friendly is beyond her. I would be extremely grateful if you would consider this request. Fingers crossed. Thank you. Anne

  8. Dear Alan I don’t think my request of June 25 ever got through. So, please allow me to try again. I would to apply on behalf of my daughter. Jenna has cerebral palsy, she is 28 and lives alone with her cats and new puppy in a bungalow. The bungalow has had internal adaptions. Access to the garden and getting around in her wheelchair is difficult. The paths are narrow and there is no ramp from the decking and a step from the back door. She has had a difficult few years with health issues and the loss of her beloved dog. A beautiful garden would really lift her spirits. She is a wonderful daughter and so brave I would love to be part of something really special. Regards Julie x

  9. If I did not mention in my comments mum has had cancer twice heart problems dieabetic gets very depressed . I do what I can to help but the garden is to much for me. So please.

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