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  1. My name is sue I am a mum of two demanding children but whom are so very different my son has Austsim and ADHD he struggles in public places so going to the park he finds difficult to do he has very poor social skills and even though he is 12 this September 2014 I am unable to let him play out with friends has he does not have a great amount of understanding in the real world . Our garden is a state I have tried to clear it my self and to give the kids some were to play we have nothing to play with other than a trampoline they have asked for a while the garden is not big enough now we have the trampoline it has taken up the lawn.please help

  2. I would love to nominate my self and family due to my husband health and mobility.and going blind I had to give up work to become my husband full time carer ,we moved in to a bungalow 2years ago but we never been able to sit out side in our garden due to the slope. we have 2 son 10and 11 who help to keep the grass cut my 11 year has ADHD and often ask why can’t we play in our garden I feel its unsafe for my husband to be out in the garden . its not a garden , we would love to be able to sit in our garden as a family . we would love a garden make over thankyou Tracey

  3. Hi my name is isabella. I would like to nominate my mum and dad and they are the best parents. They look after me and my older brother julian who has special needs. He is also the best brother in the world. I would really like it if my brother would spend more time with me but it’s not his fault because he doesn’t understand, he is easier to spend time with on holiday but I’m not sure why however, when we are playing in the garden he is just the same. My mummy and daddy will help him be more like my big brother as much as they can, they say soon there will be level grass and flowers but they have said that for at least a year. I have always wanted to do something amazing for my mum and dad they have done everything that is possible mostly for me and julian. My older brother would be very happy

    age 12

  4. Hi my name is Beth. I’d like to nominate my mam and dad. At the end of 2013 my mum took ill. She has had a few operations on her heart and it has changed her. We worry constantly as a family as she is still really poorly. She is in and out of hospital. He loves spending time in the garden but it is too much work. This illness has took a toll on my dad and he tries his best to help and do the jobs my mum would like but due to a back injury he finds this hard. My mum went from being a strong healthy woman to a woman who has lost confidence and is poorly and drained. One thing is for sure she is still an amazing mum!

  5. Dear Alan and friends I am writing this on behalf of my daughter who is a single mum of three girls aged from 14 down to 3, my daughter moved into her home on xmas eve 2013 . The house was in a terrible state and we all did what we could to make it a home for the girls , but the garden is huge and in a bit of a state , every penny she has goes into the house and the two youngest girls cant really go out because of the state of the garden , we have also just found out that my ex husband , her father has motor neurones disease so hasn’t got long left to live , so with looking after the girls and going backwards and forwards to hospital there isn’t a lot of time left for anything and she worries about the girls not having anywhere to play and be happy and safe , I know it would mean the world to her if the garden could just be made safe for them to play and it would be good if she could relax too . Thankyou for listening yours sincerely Susan Farrar .

  6. Dear Alan, my name is Katie and I would like to nominate my auntie and uncle for your program, I moved in with them nearly a month ago because of family problems, my mom no longer wants me around, I couldn’t live with my dad as his wife and I don’t get along either, if my auntie a uncle didn’t take me in I would of ended up on the streets. They have 3 young children, and I adore them to pieces, I have invaded their home and not gave anything back I don’t now how to repay them and this could be a start, hope you can help me.

  7. Can I nominate my family. I was. Diagnosed with cancer in Aug 13 after spending 2013 building up my garden. My husband made a pond and I used soil created to make a raised bed. Along with several flower beds I already had.
    Throughout chemo I was just looking forward to 2014 getting back to the garden. Sadly I have developed peripheral nurology a aide effect from the toxic chemo I had. It only came on 2 months after I finished chemo. Although as I’m still on an injection every 3 weeks of a targeted cancer drug I wasn’t as well as I hoped.
    The nurology (excuse my spelling) has left me with numb hands and feet and a lot of pain. I can’t feel things so hard to use my hands. A major blow.
    My husband has been so good planting my bulbs and free flowers I sent of for. But he’s not a flower man. He waters garden and does train my climbers but anything more is boring to him. His pond is his love.
    I was refused benefits so can’t hire a gardener so keep trying to do it myself. I have to face the fact I am not well enough.
    I have asked hubby to pave over some areas of the garden. Leaving only what I can manage. But he works so hard and long hours. Plus we don’t really have the money to do it.
    I am asking if there is anyway you would consider doing our garden. For my husband really who has worked so hard to bring in an income and who has stuck with me throughout my ordeal. I looked so awful at my worst I was scared he couldn’t love me anymore. But no matter how I looked he cared for me.
    Now just when I thought I could pay him back for his love by doing housework and the garden. I am again bed ridden.
    I do worry about the stress on him and my 2 children who have been amazing.
    I would like to nominate our garden as a thank you to my husband.
    We need to design relaxing comfortable areas that are easy maintenance. Plants that need little or not much tending.
    A tranquil place for us to sit and enjoy our garden. Instead of me crying over it stressing that it’s become overgrown and full of weeds.
    The neurologist has said I may get feeling back in 2-3 years or it sadly May be permanent.
    I know so many people apply I’m just trying in case. I want to do it for him. So he doesn’t have to do it with no experience and little cash.
    It would be my dream come true if you would consider our family. It’s a large garden an ex council house.
    Please consider us. As a thank you to him and my 2 children. Seeing mummy unable to walk must be hard for them as they expected mum to be better now.
    It’s turned out to be a very traumatic and long illness. Now at least 2 more year’s of him doing most things for me.
    I am applying for him as a thank you for still loving me. I would like to show him how much I appreciate him and love him.
    Yours in hope Trudi Evans
    From Felixstowe Suffolk

  8. Now looking at others requests I feel a bit guilty. I understand others may need your help too. Don’t want to take away another’s chance. But I’m desperate just don’t know what to do with the garden. I know I should just be grateful I’m alive. It’s just seeing it going wild and full of weeds. I know he will try his best to get rid of some flower beds but we’re not sure how to do it.
    I would love us to be able to sit comfortably and look at the garden and be peaceful.
    Sad I had started to really make a nice garden. But never finished it.
    The fence blew away at the front and we’ve just left it. Too hot for me to go out the front as I am to stay out of the sun.
    Please still consider us

  9. Hi my name is Lynne Stanley . i would like to nominate my next door neighbour for a garden make over. Her name is Vicky Crompton . She lives at 24 A Spruce Grove l28 1NS . Vicky moved next door to me 3yrs ago . I myself live in a bungalow that was build for my disabled son. Vicky and her 2 disabled sons Jason aged 8 yrs and Ryan aged 6 moved next door to me 3yrs ago. Vicky is a young mum of 30 yrs of age. She has 2 disabled children that she lives with on her own. I have only known Vicky for 3 yrs but because we both have special needs children i know exactly what she is going through. Jason her elderst boy is more mobile than Ryan . But because Ryan needs 24/7 care Jason doesn’t get alot of stimulation that his mummy would like to give him . She try’s her best to give her all to both boys . But Ryan is more demanding than Jason medically . But Jason needs stimulation and interaction more than Ryan . I would love for Vicky to have her garden made over for her boys . More for Jason because he loves the outside world . He; is always playin out when he can .( coz his mummy has to watch him to as well as Ryan. Jason has a trampoline in the garden which he uses as a wwf ring as he love the wwf . ryan is into more things like his telly . He loves MR Tumble and all his colours like his spotty bag ha . I would feel so proud if i could say i done this for my neighbour and her 2 boys ., even though i would love a garden for my own disabled son . But i always think there is always someone worse off than yourself. Iwould feel so proud to say i achieved something for someone else . Please get in touch. Kind regards Lyn

  10. Hi i would like to nominate my husband and two children for our garden to me done.my husband works all hours he can for us to enjoy our lives we moved in a year ago and our garden is quite big but we jus dnt have the time to do it up for our boys to enjoy it probally and safely as it is all uneven.i know im not as important as some people but would jus really like a garden my boys could really enjoy playing in many thanks

  11. Hi Alan. My name is Amy . I’m 28 and married to my lovely husband malley with 2 beautiful girls Imogen and Phoebe.. I would love to be considered for your next series . I don’t have a son story as such . But would simply like a beautiful garden like people wish for. Me and my husband have been toghther since we were 17 and have always worked hard to have nice things. We finally managed to buy our first house in January 2014. We have been saving up since we moved into our first rented Hedwig. All those,years ago . We have used all our savings to renovate the house and is,now looking great. Except the garden. It’s,got good ground to start from just missing. Someone’s eye for detail and imagination. Now the little money we saved little to try n get it looking abit better had to be spent on our car as it broke down and needed over £600 pound to fix. So bang goes the jar :) we are a normal young family that would love a break in life and to have a,stunning garden for my family to enjoy wouldbe amazing.. Thanks for reading . Amy . Amy kirkby10@Yahoo.co.uk

  12. Hi Alan I’m Tina I could do with you helping my best friend deb by creating her the best garden you can because once my darter had to go to hospital for 2 weeks and deb took care of my son the whole way through. My sons speech is …she has always been there for me just like a second mother she complains about her garden so I think she deserves the best she can get.tina speaking it was all my sons idea.she deserves it !!!!!! So please !! Help there family

  13. I would like to nominate my sister Christine powell and her partner
    Alistair Wilson for love your garden. They have just bought a bungalow and doing
    it all up they have both worked really hard and deserve to have some thing done
    for them nothing is never too much trouble for them they would help anybody
    so that is why I would like to nominate them
    Alison Birchall

  14. I woul love to nominate my husband as his back is in constant pain but i know he would love to sit in his garden. In the past he was able to do it himself, but now the mowing is even left for a kindly gardener who we pay to cut. He was a very active person when younger but now we are in our late sixties its too much. Help please. Mrs joan Myra Gee

  15. Could you help I try to help a seventy year old lady with her huge back and front garden. She is a foster carer for a 1 year old and 14 year old with severe learning disabilities. Her garden is by a railway and has no easy access. She does live on a tight budget as also paying mortgage on her own after recently beating cancer. How can I help her. Don’t mind hard work but it’s a huge job ground uneven bramble bushes appearing everywhere and railway. Needs somewhere safe for foster children to play and an area for her to enjoy. Can you advise. Thank you

  16. My name is Christine and I would live to nominate my mam but I think the job may be too hard for u as her garden is just triffids!
    She moved into her council bungalow 3 yrs agi and it was after a very nasty divorce. The garden was a mess then. A mixture of concrete and raised beds.
    We cut back the weeds but they seem to grow back worse. I cannot ever see getting this garden nice. She has lung disease and I would love somewhere for her to sit.
    We may not have a very sad story but my mom deserves some luck as lately shes had none and I love her so much.

  17. I would like to nominate my mum for a garden makeover. She watches all Alans shows and her greatest dream is to have Alan do her garden! She spends every spare moment in the garden trying to grow flowers, fruit and vegetables, which she likes to share with neighbours and friends, but her arthritis often stops her from doing what she loves most. She has a large garden to tend to, please cone and make her dream come true!!

  18. Dear Alan & Love your Garden team, I am writing in the hope that you would consider my nomination. It is for our best friends who live in East Sussex. Life was just picking up for Sam & Andrea Lamberton, following Sam having to take early redundancy and slowly progressing being self employed, when recently Andrea, who works in accountancy, felt unwell, thinking she may have had a mild stroke, but after tests was found to have a brain tumour. Devastating news but this brave, strong and positive woman in her early 50’s underwent an gruelling operation soon after, most of the tumour was removed and has got to have 6 weeks radiotherapy, each week day as well as about 6 months of chemotherapy. She is inspiring how she is coping and although she has lost some use of her left side is working hard and succeeding at improving slowly, trying with the help of her loving husband and two fantastic daughters to continue her life with normality. She has a wonderful dry sense of humour, is slightly (no quite) bossy and thankfully does not want to be seen as a victim.

    Andrea loves her garden but has often said she’d love to change it but will not be able to undertake such a task. I am writing this to you because I know this would be a wonderful gift for a wonderful lady.

    With thanks
    Gill Henderson

  19. To whom it may concern, i am a mother of 1 who lives a short distance from my nan, I care for her often as she has bad arthritis, she is 84 and does she love her garden? Yes, she was a hard working women and still is a strong lady who does what she can to maintain her garden, my grandfather was an extremely proud man when it came to his garden, sadly he passed last may. It has became of great struggle to main the garden the back has no proper fences up and my nan struggles to keep her roses up. Their pride and joy is falling apart, there is no why really for her to sit and she carnt bend down to maintain and with the garden being quite big it’s very hard for her. It would be of great help and great appreciation if u could consider us in your next show. Thank u not only for your time but for a great opportunity to apply. My nan would never think it would be her

    Yours faithfully
    Stacey swift
    Greater Manchester

  20. Hi please can I ask u to consider my garden for your show. I am a mother of 2 and me and my partner both work (at the moment im on maternity leave) but ill jobs just afford for us to get by day by day. My garden does depress me so much, every time I look out of the window it upsets me. I would like a garden that my children can happily play in and somewhere for us to sit and watch them. I have got some basic quotes from gardeners but can not see me being able to afford to save because it seems as soon as I do something else comes up. Appreciate any help. Thanks.

  21. I would like to nominate my mum to have a garden makeover. My mother is disabled and would love to be able to relax in a nice garden. Please help.

  22. Hi alan and friends I would like to nominate my mum to have her garden done by you. As she is disabled and can’t do the garden any more after having 2 knee replacements and her health is not very good now i would like her to have some where nice to be able to sit and relax in as 2 years ago we lost my dad to cancer and he use to do the garden for her. I have had a few gardeners in to do the garden but it is just a mess, it’s not a very big garden but I would love for her to have a nice one many thanks emma

  23. We have a large garden which needs work but more importantly we need to make as an add on to our house. We are a family of five with three boys aged 22, 19 and 16 plus a dog. Our house has three bedrooms with only one room downstairs. We need ideas to make full use of our garden all year round.

  24. My name is sammie I would like to nominate my self I’m a mum of two my boy is 10 and my girl is 4 I find it hard to keep up with my garden as my grass is just in a mess patches of mud I have a big conker tree next door and I get all the leafs, conkers sticky stuff ect; covering my lawn.
    My son has ADHD and is always active so gets bored easy and would be nice if I could send him into a nice garden to plays and for me to sit and relax in a nice garden I hate stepping out into my garden as it’s just not nice my 4 year old daughter has always got to wear shoes on our lawn as the grass isn’t very nice to walk on with out shoes. I have tried to clean it up my self but it’s more that I can’t afford the cost and finding time with out the children to tame it. I do hope you could help me Alan 😊

  25. Hi I would like to nominate my mum as she deserves something nice in return for all what she does for myself and my brothers. My mum has a diagnosed disease in her foot/leg called CRPS, this condition affects the nerves and as you can imagine causes serious pain. Due to this my mum struggles to walk and do daily things, before my mum was diagnosed with this condition she would spent hours on end making sure her garden was the best it could be, she would buy new plants everyday and ornaments just to give our garden that finishing touch. But due to this disease my mum now finds it hard to stand and spent time with the garden because of the constant pain and she doesn’t have the patience as it’s hard to focus and spent time planting plants and painting the fence etc, she would love the garden up and running for when her granddaughter comes round and somewhere save and beautifully decorated for her to spend time, we would love you to come and make our garden beautiful again as my mum truly deserves something special, something so little and simple would make my mums day
    Thank you x

  26. I would like to nominate Kirk House Residential Home for elderly people for a garden makeover. This is a wonderful home to my Mum and other fortunate people. The home is currently developing a ‘memory wing’ for those who are having some ‘difficulties day by day’. They are working on making the Red Wing safe for the residents. This entails making the doors from the lounge open out onto a small garden area where they can sit in safety and enjoy the outside. world. I think one of your makeovers would be so good for them. Staff are trying to think of what plants would be nice in the garden when the workmen leave the construction of the area, Please help makes these wonderful people and terrific stafff very surprised and happy. Thank you.

  27. Hi. I have watched your programme and love it! I would like to put my sister forward for your help she has 2 children one of which is aged 12 and has severe disabilities she has rubinstein taybi syndrome, which means she has peg in her tummy for fluids and medication as she has severe reflux issue the syndrome includes partially blind, bone problems, respiratory problems she has epilepsy which takes over her life in 2008 we nearly lost her due to severe bowel problems which is also part of her syndrome she had a foot of her bowel taken away and every day is constant battle she has meds every 2hrs via her peg.so as you can tell my wonderful sister deals with so many complications each day and I would love for her to benefit from your show. My niece cannot go outside the house to play unless accompanied by an adult so forher to have a garden thats safe fun and secure would mean the world to her and us as a family. She has been through so much in her short life she is amazing and loving and such an inspiration to me I would love to be able to give something back. I eagerly await your reply.

  28. Hi Alan, my sister , aged 49, has just been diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer. We all want her to have the best rest of her life possible. She has always dreamt of the perfect garden to relax in. She has a lazy Spa, and if you could build a housing for that she would be soo pleased. She is the loveliest, kindest person ever and I lover her with all my heart. If you could do this for her Alan, she would be sooo very very happy.

  29. I would like to nominate my best friend Rita ‘ Rita has been a foster carer for over25 years looking after many children as well as adopting two children having eight of her own all grown up and caring for a little girl with very special need till she sadly passed away since then through ill health she had to retire ‘this passed year she has had to take to a wheel chair to get around ,but as the caring person she is when her husband was diagnosed with cancer she cared for him she a lovely person always give to others so it would be wonderful if for once for her to have the amazing gift of having a wonderful garden which she loves so much it great great joy to be able to get back in her garden

  30. Hi Alan, I would like to apply for your help for my Daughter Kelly and her Husband George. They live in a lovely little cottage in Kent. Kelly has a chronic illness which is very debilitating, she is only 24 and has had this terrible illness now for several years. Some days Kelly cannot stand and spends a lot of her time in a wheelchair. George is a fencer, so he may be able to help you! He works so very hard, leaving for work at 6am (sometimes earlier) and doesn’t get home until late. He works every week-end, to earn the money to pay the mortgage and bills, as Kelly is unable to work.This year, they were so excited to announce they were expecting. Sadly, Kelly lost the baby and is having trouble getting over it, as she wanted a baby so badly. As you can imagine, George doesn’t have much time to devote to his own garden, so they need some help! They are two of the nicest people you could ever wish to meet, but seem to be having a terrible run of bad luck at the moment.
    I really do hope you can help, as this would pick them up no end.
    Thanking you in anticipation, June

  31. I would very much welcolme a garden to be beautiful and relaxing for our home my sister has no garden of her own so shares mine. She buried her only son and has battled Throat n mouth cancer for two years and we are very proyd of he.
    She has just been given only a few
    months to live and is only 52 her name is Bernadette We have no parents or grandparents … so would very much appreciate and Value a beautiful garden to share our time together
    months to live she is only

  32. Hi Alan, looking at the comments there are worse off than us but still decided to give it a try, My husband and I ( not royalty hah ) both are volunteers for the Army Cadet Force and spend a lot of our time with local youths and the community, November is spent working with the British Legion Poppy collecting and have raised over £30,000 for them, My Hubby has PTSD and is now medically retired from the Army due to disability and myself have now been medically retired so although I now have the time my illness prevents me from doing too much, I love my garden but have let it go over the last 3/4 years and now we are married, we got married on 14/02/2014 ( we met whilst on a camp with cadets 3 years ago and got together at another couples wedding who both are volunteers with the ACF) we would like a place where I can easily plant flowers and my beloved veggies which have been all grown in boxes and tubs but also to be able to sit out and enjoy it more with friends . My house is a corner plot and the front and side is like …. well lets put it this way, the neighbour over the road came to complain to us!!! good job she didn’t se the back. We just want something simple but effective my daughter may bring the grandkids over then as she is worried they may get lost in the jungle , so there we go that’s about as much as I can think of at this moment

  33. Hi my name is Gary from Warrington, I would love a back garden, my wife is 37yrs old and has m.s my daughter who is 5yrs old is deaf and loves planting seeds but can’t go out in the back garden as my wife can’t get out, as I work full time and care for my wife and daughter its hard to do the garden,pleas help my daughters can’t get out I also have a 9yr old who can’t play in the garden,

  34. Dear All,
    I would nominate myself & partner ,we have no major sad story to tell we’re just very hard working people and don’t get time to look after our garden ,we moved 7yrs ago and just have a square blank patch of grass & would love to be able to come home at night and look onto a pretty garden inviting me to sit for a while with a glass of wine ,I had a back op last yr so can’t do it & my partner struggles as he has Osteoporosis .i know we won’t be chosen if there are others more needy but no harm in trying eh ?thanks for your time tara xx

  35. My partener John is registered blind. We have just moved into our new home. The back garden is square and quite small. Im looking to turn it into a sensory garden for John. I would love to have a fence around it for privacy. I would love a little memory area, in memory of my mam and dad. Who I sadly lossed to cancer. I love gardening, but dont know what im doing. And I dont have the time, as I work 50hrs + a week. It would be nice for John to ba able to sit in a nice garden with nice smelling plants etc.

  36. Hi, id like to nominate my daughter, she is a single mum of 1 little girl and another on the way, shes moved house not that long ago and wanted to make the garden a nice place for the children to play, its currently in a state, shes always had false promises off the childrens dad and always being letting down by him, currently being heavily pregnant isnt able to do it herself and hasnt got the finances to do this with every penny going towards the house and children, shes always worked from leaving school and does all she can to help others out and i no this would mean the world to her having somewhere where the girls can play safely and being able to sit out side and spend time with the family, she would love a garden makeover, please help :)

  37. My garden is a mess and needs doing really badly! The wall is rotting and falling down! Please help make my garden a great place for me and my children.

  38. My name is bryan writing on behalf of my mum and dad my dad malcolm as been diagnosed with prostate cancer that as spread to the bones hes disabled with a artificial leg he used to do are gardens but the hormone treatment for his cancer makes him tired my mum has been waiting for a knee op for 17 years finally going to have it done at stanmore hospital have not got over the shock of my dad having the cancer garden in a bit of a mess

  39. Hi Alan and the team,
    I would like to nominate my wife as she has had a bad time over the past 15yrs or so first having a an going heath problem with gallbladder resulting in a equate pancreatitis loosing nearly all her pancreas and very nearly died on a number of times during that. She then needed two total knee replacments and just started getting over that sept 2009 had subsidence on the house which is still on going due to one company tasked by insurance company to repair it went into receivership so all her crafting items etc are still packed and if this isn’t enough shortly after this her first son took his own life and together with some relationship problems but it didn’t end there with ongoing health problems, subsidence and earlier this yr list her Sec son with multiple organ failure due to pancreas, then diagnosed with class 2 diabetes, and being looked at by Drs fir suspended M/s which turned out to be breast cancer and is on her second op so for until they get a clear margin which is un conclusive at the moment.
    My wife loves her garden and as it is quite large and id like to give her something with minimal management that she could enjoy while she is in between her treatment.
    Mark Holbrook

  40. Hi, I would like to nominate my husband and myself to have our garden done.
    We have had a rough couple of years, we began trying to have a baby 8 years ago, finally got caught after 4 years but sadly lost it at 9 weeks.
    We then carried on struggling to get caught again. We had two goes at Ivf in 2013 which failed.
    We eventually managed to get caught again earlier this year, but sadly at the 12 week scan it showed severe abnormalities, limb body stalk disruption sequence and after coming to terms with our baby never being able to draw their first breath, we had to terminate. During this process, that started going wrong, but thanks to the doctor, we just missed having to have surgery.
    I have since had a chemical pregnancy.

    I also suffer from cystic fibrosis, diabetes, arthritis and slight depression.
    Both my husband and myself work whilst also trying to do our house up.
    I would love to be able to sit in my garden and have a lovely cup of tea in an afternoon or glass of wine in the evening, whilst relaxing and reading a good book to wind down after work. At the moment I cannot do this.

    Please, please could you help me.

    Thank you, Melissa

  41. Hi (my Names Linda) i am looking for help please for my mum and Dad in there back garden .Sadly my Dad is a very sick man now due to an operation that went wrong. my Dad is very disabled now and can’t do much at all and my mum is his full time carer for him now – having now lost his leg and very sick health and in February 2014 this year was then diagnosed with Cancer on top of everything my Dad’s unable to keep the up keep of the large back garden thay have at there Bungalow . My Mum has poor health to and really struggles to maintain there garden and there pond and keep cutting back the bushes , large plant pots, trees and more its way to much for the one person to mange (my mum) my mum and dad love the garden and take alot of pride in looking after it and enjoying the garden but it is alot of hard work and maintenance for my mum to do .

    Please, please I am wanting to get help to make my mum and dads garden much easier for them to maintain so thay can enjoy without all the hard work .( Less maintenance garden ) thay have a large patio with a large section of flat lawn and borders all round with pot plants and bushes and large trees . I hope you can help my fingers are crossed .. best regards.
    I’m am there Daughter .

  42. Hi my name is wayne and I am married with 3 boys aged 5,12 and 14. My wifes name is hayley and she has been a part time carer for Hampshire County council for the elderly for 10 years and absolutely loves her job. She would do anything to make them happy and to put a smile on there faces when ever she id there in between being a full time mum and doesn’t really think about herself as much as she should long as other people are happy around her that’s what really makes her happy. Hayleys nan died who she was really close to followed by her grandad a few years after which left hayleys mum taking over yhe family house of 50 years. Ad tine went on and bills increased she just couldn’t afgird to live in a 3 bedroom house so myself and hayley and the 3 boys decided to take over the tenancy and borrow a lot of money to completely gut the house and redecorate every room putting in a new kitchen , bathroom and all new furniture. In doing this unfortunately left us with not a lot of money left over so the garden has just been left and really gets hayley down when ever she has to look at it. When ever I ask her what she wants for birthday or xmas or anything else all she says is she just wants a nice garden and nothing else so I would love to surprise her and would be so grateful for your help in giving her her dream garden.

  43. My grandad was a war baby in world war 2 and still has a an Anderson shelter in his garden but has been in bad health for a few years now and has not been able to do up his garden.Also my nanny as she has just come out of hospital after she broke her hip. She is now not as confident on her feet and doesn’t get much fresh air and get out as much as she used too. We would love you too come and transform our garden because of the brambles and bushes overgrowing. Please help us x we would love a garden makeover x THANK YOU x

  44. Hi
    My name is Jill, I don’t think our story in comparison to others is top of the list but here goes . My husband and I found each other again 12 years ago. Having both been through difficult years we were both alone. He was my first love in 1969 ! in London, we both went our separate ways after a year or two. Without realising we had virtually followed each other throughout our lives and ended up 10 minutes apart some 150 miles from London, even worked in the same place for a while without knowing . We Married 8 years ago , during this time I’ve had 3 hip replacements and he had a heart attack 3 years ago . Not how we’d planned our 50’s ! but we both still work and moved back to bournemouth this year buying a bungalow , gradually getting the inside liveable we now face the prospect of trying to do something to our garden . It is in 2 parts with steep steps which I find quite difficult , ur also has a very old diy decking area outside door which is quite dangerous . I get a lot of pleasure from a garden and would like to be able to potter in my dotage 😊 but find it all quite daunting and challenging . Ours is just a simple story of two people who were destined to be together and could do with a little help. Pleaseeeeeeee

  45. Hi would your team be prepared to do an episode in Motherwell Scotland for my husband Scott Symington or do you know anyone here in Scotland/UK that would be prepared to do some work on his back garden which would include a fish pond as this is his hobby.

    He had a nasty accident at his work in 2010 and as result of this he has had to have 2 full knee replacements. This inhibits from doing a lot of work in the garden due to not being able to kneel on his knee replacements.

    Then in 2012 he had a lucky escape having a Gall Bladder removal operation which had him in HDU for 5 days.

    2013 was the worse episode yet as he went into hospital to have an Incisional Hernia repair done but things went drastically wrong and he nearly died and was in ITU for 5 weeks, ventilated, tracheotomy done and multiple organ failure too. We were very very lucky to get him home.

    He is now on the road to recovery but has a long way to go yet.

    So I was wondering if there was anything that you and your team or contacts could do for me to make him feel better and help him on his long road of recovery?

    He is fish mad and has done a fair bit with fish tanks etc but he is not fit enough to finish all that he wants to do t do in the garden.

    At present the Doctors etc refuse him to return to work and he is upset about this as he feels life isn’t worth living.

    If you can help or know of anyone who could I’d be eternally grateful.

    I know he would be totally dumbfounded if his garden and fish pond were done.

    Warmest regards

    Anne Symington (wife)

  46. Hi I have been reading the applications and there are so many deserving people but on the eve of the burial of my lovely nephew aged 20 I would like to tell you about a couple whom I hold in such high regard and esteem that I can’t find words, so I will just tell you their story, My sister is 47 she was an overweight child and was cruely bullied for all of her school life, at 18 she took matters into her own hands and became anorexic not even taking vitimans without checking the calories it was a very worrying time for the family. She then met Dave and they soon became a couple Alex was born when she was 27 and everything seemed fine he learned to walk, but he was not meeting his expected milestones then he started fitting up to 10 times a day which left him with cereabal palsy and extremely disabled I have always said that he was blessed to have such devoted parents but they would disagree they felt blessed to have him. a few years later tradgedy struck again Tracey became pregnant and was overjoyed at her 8 month scan she was told that the baby had died in her womb she was induced and had to give birth naturally knowing Elisabeth was dead. Alex died on the 9th of october with respitory problems years earlier she was so upset that the doctors found problems with his swallow reflex and his food was getting int his lungs from then he had to be peg fed. She was so upset that the one thing she could do for him that she knew he enjoyed was his food and now even that was gone. for many years now the home is like a hospital with machines reading his oxygen levels measuring his stats etc. They cared for him 24/7 and worked shifts if you like. Anyway they love their garden and did a really good job making it nice so that they and alex could enjoy the fresh air. but over the last few years they have had little time to look after it. their is going to be an almost immpossible gap to fill in their lives but I know that they deserve to have a place to entertain and remember Alex. Having their garden beautiful as only Alan and the team can do will help kick start them into starting a life for themselves. They have never asked anyone for any help, and even now at this sad time their home is not one of grief but one of celebration. When he passed tracy went home got his clothes hair gel after shave to make sure he looked his best they washed and dressed him and a nurse asked would they like a clean nappie his dad said he has worn nappies for 20 years and tonight he is going commando, love them so much and you can tell the sort of wonderful people they are. Please help me give them something for themselves and a memorial of Alex Thank you

  47. Dear Alan I don’t think my request of June 25 ever got through. So, please allow me to try again. I would to apply on behalf of my daughter. Jenna has cerebral palsy, she is 28 and lives alone with her cats and new puppy in a bungalow. The bungalow has had internal adaptions. Access to the garden and getting around in her wheelchair is difficult. The paths are narrow and there is no ramp from the decking and a step from the back door. She has had a difficult few years with health issues and the loss of her beloved dog. A beautiful garden would really lift her spirits. She is a wonderful daughter and so brave I would love to be part of something really special. Regards Julie x

  48. If I did not mention in my comments mum has had cancer twice heart problems dieabetic gets very depressed . I do what I can to help but the garden is to much for me. So please.

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