ITV's Love Your Garden being built

Episode 1 – The garden under construction..

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Alan and two double d’s..

Alan Titchmarsh, David Dodd and David Domoney stop work to pose during filming of Episode 1 of Love Your Garden..

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Helping the Dean family, in East Sussex – Episode 1

ITV's Love Your Garden

The Dean family with Alan

Alan Titchmarsh returns with a new series of the hit gardening show where he and his team transform the outdoor spaces of some very special people who are struggling to build their dream garden. In this episode he comes to the rescue of a fellow gardener and his family in Hurst Green as they bravely cope with a life threatening illness.

Diagnosed two years ago with Motor Neurone Disease, Malcolm Dean is confined to a wheelchair and unable to be outside doing the gardening that he used to love. He and his wife Trish, and 9 year old son George, have recently moved into a specially adapted bungalow, a few doors down from their old home. But the sloping garden makes it virtually impossible for Malcolm to get much beyond the end of the ramp which his friends and family bought and installed.

Alan turns up to surprise the family and to see for himself how unsuitable the current garden is for their needs. He then sends them away whilst his crack team of landscapers and horticulturalists arrive on site, hoping to build a garden that exceeds the family’s expectations. But it will be an uphill struggle in more ways than one. As the team set about transforming the Dean’s challenging patch, Alan visits Wickham Lodge, an amazing terraced garden just down the road, looking for ideas to inspire his design.

Frances Tophill ITV's Love Your Garden presenter

Frances Tophill

Landscape gardener Katie Rushworth gets to work laying out beds that take advantage of the slope, whilst horticulturist Frances Tophill chooses plants that will add year round colour to the garden. To give young George a place to call his own, hard landscaping expert David Domoney sets out on a quest to find the ultimate treehouse and then uses it to inspire his own design in the Dean’s garden. Catching up with Trish, Alan discovers just how much the family’s life has changed and also how much they value every moment that they can spend together. Alan returns to the build determined that the garden should reflect the Dean’s past, present and future.

At last the garden is finished, so, when Alan reveals it to a tearful Trish and Malcolm, has he created their dream garden?

To view this programme, click here (viewing available up to 25th July 2013)

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Alan Titchmarsh on ITV's Love Your Garden

Welcome to our new show blog!

Here’s where you’ll find all the info on the suppliers, designs and locations on the new series of Love Your Garden, ITV 1’s fabulous garden makeover show.

Episode 1 starts tonight at 8pm on ITV1 – this is the garden before….. watch the show to see the garden after!!

ITV's Love Your Garden

Episode 1 Love Your Garden – before

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10 things you never knew about me… Katie Rushworth

1. I’m from Leeds originally, and have lived in Yorkshire all my life, I now live just 15 minutes away from Ilkley which is where Alan grew up!

2. I was a bit of a geek at school, and can’t ever remember getting into trouble!

3. I love cooking and am a huge fan of anything healthy and spicy – so veg curry, thai salads and sushi with tonnes of wasabi! are some of my favourite dishes.

4. My middle name is Louise.

5. I have an 8 year old daughter and a 10 year old stepdaughter, and juggle my family life with filming, running my own garden design business, writing my book and doing talks and garden workshops up and down the country.

6. I used to play steel pans for Leeds. I was the tenor pan!

7. I love to exercise, especially Yoga which I try and do three times a week. I am also out most days walking my miniature schnauzer ‘Ziggy’ on the moors or in the woods near where I live.

8. I love a bit course fishing when I get the chance which is rarely these days, my grandad taught me as a young child and has subsequently taught my daughter too. I also love to dance, you can never dance and not feel happy.

9. I’ve got one younger brother.

10. I love real ale and craft beers – my favourite at the moment is Milk Stout, my great grandma used to let me taste it when I was a kid and I thought it was disgusting! She’d be proud of me now.


Follow Katie on Twitter at @queenofspades00 and check out her website at

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