Unseen heroes – Cordek

ITV's Love Your Garden Cordek

Cordek in action on a forthcoming Love Your Garden build

Love Your Garden couldn’t be made without the generous help of our suppliers, some of which never even get to see themselves on the screen.  One such supplier are the lovely folk over at Cordek.

Ever wondered how our gardens look so fabulous at the reveal ? We use Cordek sheeting on every build to cover floor areas which have been finished (decking, paving etc)  to prevent them getting spoilt with other materials. We also use it inside the people’s houses to prevent our big burly builders from spoiling their kitchens and carpets indoors too!

Cordek have a huge range of products for the construction industry and played a huge part in the 2012 Olympic build – check out their range at www.cordek.com. And tell them Love Your Garden said THANKS!

By alantitchmarsh