Unseen heroes – Hippowaste

ITV's Love Your Garden

Hippowaste to the rescue again!

You don’t get a great garden without making a mess along the way – and that’s certainly true of our makeovers.

Whether it’s rotten timber decking, unloved patio slabs or disused supermarket trolleys and old mattresses (yes, we’ve found everything!) we know who we can count on to cart away all our mess.

The fantastic people at Hippowaste supply us with all manner of things in order to keep the build moving along, and keep the surrounding streets tidy.

Better still, the company prides itself on recycling over 90% of all it collects, so you get to tick your environmental box too.

Whether you’re a contractor or a DIYer, Hippowaste have the waste management solution for you, check them out at www.hippowaste.co.uk

By alantitchmarsh