Safety from the ground up ..

Our gardens are a place of enjoyment, a haven to relax, and a place for the whole family to get together. Although we all may have in mind our ideal garden, it is always important to consider creating a place that is suitable for the whole family to spend time in.

In our opinion, the greatest thing that the team at ‘Love your Garden’ achieves when they approach a new project is how without failure, they always manage to uniquely cater to the needs of the individuals, making sure that each time, all families can make the most of their new special garden.

ITV's Love Your Garden

Rubber floor tiles for safety

When we were approached by the team at Love your Garden, we were told the circumstances of the family involved in the episode and were immediately taken back by the passion of the crew wanting to find products that not only looked great, but that would also be suitable for the family.

Our safety play mats helped provide a safe and protective surface for the children to play on, as well as creating a unique and colourful aesthetic.

For gardens and children’s play areas, you now have an option that keeps within the scheme of your plans! By providing effective fall protection, you not only ensure your child’s safety, but also give yourself peace of mind while you get the barbecue started.

For a wide range of safety mats and protective garden flooring, visit

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To the Pynes of Cumbria

ITV's Love Your Garden

Alan with the Pyne family in Cumbria

In the final episode of the current series Alan and the team transform the Cumbrian garden of the Pynes, an inspirational family who lost their daughter Alice to cancer in January this year.  She had become world famous due to the bucket list of things she wanted to do or achieve in her final years and, whilst the family continue her charitable causes in her memory, their garden has become neglected.

Alice Pyne bravely fought Hodgkins Lymphoma for over five years. Determined to live her life to the fullest she started a bucket list of achievements that she wanted to tick off. The list captured the public’s imagination and became a news story worldwide. Top of her list was to get more people to sign up to the bone marrow register as Alice was unable to find a match that might help her until it was too late.

She and her family also raised thousands of pounds for charity including one she started herself that provides holidays for serious or terminally ill children and their families. Sadly Alice died in January this year but her family continue to raise money and awareness in her name.

After getting over the shock of finding Alan Titchmarsh on their doorstep, Vicky and Simon Pyne show him how the garden has suffered over the last few years, when they have had to spend so much time travelling to and from hospital visits. This awkwardly shaped plot slopes down to a stream, and has areas of very damp shade as well as bright and sunny corners.

Taking his inspiration from the majestic beauty of the Lake District, Alan’s plan is to build them a garden that brings the best of the Cumbrian landscape to their back door. So, sending the family off for a couple of days away, he summons his team of landscape gardeners to transform the space. Alan’s main idea is to create a rock garden.

Though they’ve fallen out of fashion he thinks they are ripe for revival, so tasks hard landscaping expert David Domoney with realising his vision. Five tonnes of rock later, and its ready for Alan to plant with nearly 600 Alpines and rock plants. Elsewhere, whilst Frances Tophill plants an area with Alice’s favourite colours, Katie Rushworth is designing a space that will be a refuge for Alice’s 14 year old sister Milly, who has also faced her own health problems over the years.

The unseasonably hot weather makes building the garden a struggle. The plants need constant watering and the turf has to be laid before it is too late. Will the team finish the garden on time and will it give the Pynes the dream garden they so richly deserve?


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Unsung Heroes – Looking Glass Gates

ITV's Love Your Garden Garden mirrors

Looking Glass Mirrors by Looking Glass Gates

The real beauty of our garden makeovers is that everywhere our families turn, there is something new to discover. We are fortunate that lots of fabulous companies get involved and donate their products to the shows but it’s not always possible to show every product. One such lovely addition to last night’s garden were garden mirror gates by

These garden mirror gates are the perfect garden accessory. They are mirrors that create the illusion of a wrought iron gate.

This enchanting garden mirror, which acts like a fake gate, allows you to enlarge, rejuvenate and brighten your garden. Effective in the day or in the night, it reflects sunshine as well as house or garden lights. The garden mirror gate gives the impression of being able to walk into a secret garden.

The unique garden mirrors are made of real glass which unlike acrylic will not scratch or distort. The reflection is clear and convincing. They have a silver foil backing which is both a safety feature and helps to protect them from premature weathering. They come with hooks on the back so can easily be attached to an existing wall or fence and can even cover an unsightly existing gate.

Bespoke designs and sizes can be made. Contact them at

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ITV's Love Your Garden BBQ Calor

Unsung Heroes – Calor

ITV's Love Your Garden BBQ Calor

Broil king BBQ in episode 7 from Calor

When the good weather hits we all want to be outside having a good old family BBQ.

That’s why it’s so great that the fabulous people at Calor have been so generous with this series of Love Your Garden.

They have donated some fabulous outdoor cooking solutions to the families, to ensure that they get the most from their garden, all year round.  Like this amazing Broil King gas bbq from tonight’s episode.

Whether you’re looking for a compact and efficient BBQ for general use, or a model packed with multi-functional features for some serious grilling; Broil King gas BBQs are ideal for any kind of outdoor meal or party. Broil King BBQs can be provided with or without a Calor LPG gas cylinder.

They have an extensive range for all budgets, check them out at and you could be the broil king in your household!

Tiny but terrific in Tonbridge..

ITV's Love Your Garden Webb family

Alan with the Webb family from Tonbridge

This week Alan and the team are faced with their biggest challenge to date – The smallest garden they’ve ever transformed and a family coping with a very rare condition.

Lou and Andy Webb have two young children who are affected by a genetic condition that severely restricts their eyesight. Both 4 year old Harvey and  2 year old Megan suffer from Achromatopsia which means that they can only see in fuzzy black and white.

Although they wear special goggles, they find sunlight too bright to be out in. With all their time and energy taken up looking after the children, Lou and Andy haven’t been able to make the garden of their terraced house in Tonbridge a more child friendly place and it’s currently full of uneven surfaces and a broken down greenhouse. So their friends have asked Alan if he can help.

Having surprised the family, and then sent them off for a few days away, Alan summons his team of landscape gardeners and horticulturists to get to work.

Can Alan and team work there magic on this unloved garden ?

Can Alan and team work their magic on this unloved garden ?

The first task is to create a shady environment so that the kids can be out in the middle of the day, so seeking inspiration from a nearby garden that he visits; Alan tasks the team with building a full length pergola. This is a major construction project and seriously restricts any other gardening work so Alan takes it upon himself to make over the front of the property as well with window boxes and planters.

Meanwhile hard landscaping expert David Domoney installs acoustic fencing to cut down the noise from the nearby railway line and a bespoke lighting system so that the kids can use the garden in the evening. Katie Rushworth and Frances Tophill choose plants that will both look beautiful to the adults and children alike; as well finding some that are suitable for the shady environment.

They also install a living wall to maximise the planting space and to give the kids something tactile near the back door. But Mum and Dad aren’t forgotten, with the one sunny corner of the garden given over to a seating area and entertainment space.

When the family return will it be their dream garden and will the children finally have a safe and inspiring place to play in?

Tune in Tuesday 6th August to find out!

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ITV's Love Your Garden sign

Unseen Heroes – Potting Shed Designs

We’ve added loads of personal touches to the garden builds this year, most of them you see on the show but some never get top billing which is a shame.

One such addition to Episode 6 was a beautiful sign made by Potting Shed Designs, and available from

The lovely poem, written by family and friends of the Nixons, was produced on this sign, which hangs proudly on the outside of the Nixon’s summerhouse, to which we added a sedum roof. Thanks to everyone at Potting Shed Designs for their help with this fabulous momento from Love Your Garden!

ITV's Love Your Garden sign

Sign from Potting Shed Designs and

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