Safety from the ground up ..

Our gardens are a place of enjoyment, a haven to relax, and a place for the whole family to get together. Although we all may have in mind our ideal garden, it is always important to consider creating a place that is suitable for the whole family to spend time in.

In our opinion, the greatest thing that the team at ‘Love your Garden’ achieves when they approach a new project is how without failure, they always manage to uniquely cater to the needs of the individuals, making sure that each time, all families can make the most of their new special garden.

ITV's Love Your Garden

Rubber floor tiles for safety

When we were approached by the team at Love your Garden, we were told the circumstances of the family involved in the episode and were immediately taken back by the passion of the crew wanting to find products that not only looked great, but that would also be suitable for the family.

Our safety play mats helped provide a safe and protective surface for the children to play on, as well as creating a unique and colourful aesthetic.

For gardens and children’s play areas, you now have an option that keeps within the scheme of your plans! By providing effective fall protection, you not only ensure your child’s safety, but also give yourself peace of mind while you get the barbecue started.

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By alantitchmarsh