Love Your Garden 2014

We can’t believe it’s already April and we’re just three months away from bringing you another fantastic series of Love Your Garden.

We had so many applications that it was tougher than ever to choose which of the thousands of letters, photo’s and stories would feature on the show.  Now we’ve chosen and it’s down to hard work, planning, designing and working out the logistics of the builds which have to be completed in 3 – 4 days each.

If you have a company and you’d like to supply products to the show, please get in touch with the teams – with Love Your Garden in the subject matter. We’re extremely grateful for all our suppliers, and you’ll be seeing a lot more of them on here.

Well for now, it’s time to crack on. We’ll be introducing the teams in due course and highlighting all the fabulous products which have been sent from all over Europe to appear on the ITV show, but until then, get out there and..

Love Your Garden!



By alantitchmarsh