Ready to sweat it out?

Recent long-range weather reports show that summer 2014 is expected to be a long hot one – with some even saying that it could be the hottest in HISTORY.

Whilst this has school kids and most of the population whooping for joy, the ITV Love Your Garden team know it means an awful lot of sweat.  The weather predictions show that dawn-to-dusk sunshine will arrive at some point in May and remain with us until the end of August, exactly covering the build schedule on this year’s ITV garden makeover series.

It will be reminiscent of last years July heatwave, which saw 19 days reach temperatures of 82f (28c) or above, and saw the Love Your Garden team of Alan Titchmarsh, David Domoney, Frances Tophill and Katie Rushworth really pushed to the limit under scorching sunshine.

ITV's Love Your Garden

Love Your Garden brought the sun to Cambridge in 2013..

Whether rain or shine, the gardens have to be built to a schedule, and it’s debatable which is worst for the UK gardener, both bringing their own individual issues to deal with.  LYG presenter Frances Tophill says it’s a tough choice. “For gardens, sun is definitely better, you can always add more water, whereas with torrential rain it’s difficult to take it away! I do love working out in the rain though, I find it very refreshing”.

Landscape gardener David Domoney would choose rain every time. “I can work in just a t-shirt in winter – I can’t work if it’s too hot. The build in Tonbridge last year was just too hot for me, I was melting” says David.

The team have faced more than their fair share of weather extremes, with almost nonstop torrential rain on one build in 2012.  Don’t miss the series starting at the end of June 2014 to find out what particular meteriological challenges the team faced in 2014!