Hedging our best bet …

We’re incredibly lucky here at Love Your Garden to have built up some great relationships with our suppliers, many of whom really enjoy the opportunity to help deserving families with their products.

One such supplier is Hedges Direct, who donated hedges last year and wanted to do what they could to help out again this year.

The British landscape is characterised by hedging – from traditional mixed native field hedging to the most formal Yew hedging in the country’s most gorgeous gardens – and yet it is a specialised market with few nurseries able to supply the whole range of species and sizes.

ITV's Love Your Garden Episode 4 Laurel hedge

Laurel hedging supplied by Hedges Direct

Love Your Garden viewers may remember the Winchcombe build in 2013 where 6ft Cherry Laurel hedging which was planted to improve privacy.  This year, Hedges Direct (www.hedgesdirect.co.uk) are supplying three of our gardens so we asked them to describe how being involved with Love Your Garden was for them.

June Pearce, one of the owners of Hedges Direct, said: “Last year was a big gamble for us.  Associate Producer Thea Pitcher invited us to supply 6ft hedging with high density planting to give the garden a real instant impact.  We suggested Cherry Laurel (Prunus laurocerasus Rotundifolia) which, as a specialist retailer of hedging, we have in all sizes up to 2.5m.  It’s a fantastic plant with dense, reasonably fast growth but is easy to maintain, fully evergreen, with bright green leaves, good in sun and shade – so ideal for almost all situations.”

June added: “The garden Thea required the hedging for was a large one so it was not a small decision for us to donate over 100 plants but we felt the garden owner was hugely deserving of a private, beautiful garden”.

A lot of our suppliers are incredibly generous and Love Your Garden were delighted when Hedges Direct wanted to be involved with the new series. Approached by the production team, June describes how the company offered advice aswell as products. “We were approached by three Associate Producers to supply hedging of various different types (all top secret at this stage!) for three different gardens” explains June.

ITV's Love Your Garden

Photinia Hedge from Hedges Direct

“Whilst they had their own ideas about what they’d like for each garden, we offered advice on planting density and pot size (which can make a huge difference depending on whether a budget approach or an instant result is required). The programmes in the new series will demonstrate how flexibly hedging can be used in any garden, and that there are unusual as well as common hedging solutions which can be used to create privacy, separate off different areas, add blocks of colour and texture, edge paths or attract wildlife.”

“I think the Producers use us because we now have a track record of delivering top quality plants on the day agreed (which is crucial when you’re filming a TV programme and there’s nowhere to store plants for a day or so until they’re needed), we add value with our expertise – and whilst we’re a small business, we’re big enough to be able to donate the plants. ” continued June.

The three gardens with beautiful new hedging can be seen as part of the new series of Love Your Garden, which begins on Tuesday 24th June on ITV1 at 8pm. For more information on Hedges Direct, please visit www.hedgesdirect.co.uk or phone 01257 263873

By alantitchmarsh