Bedding down the perfect compost..

Alan’s grandfather had a saying about how you should prepare your plants “Spend a penny on the plant and a pound on the pot…”, which when translated from canny Yorkshireman means use the best compost you can get, or dig in the finest topsoil suited to your garden conditions.

We work all over the country for Love Your Garden and come across several extremes of soil types, so we needed a topsoil and compost supplier who was able to supply large quantities of both to bring out the best in our gardens.

ITV's Love Your Garden suppliers of topsoil and compost to Love Your Garden

Boughton Loam have been supplying high quality natural soils, composts, sands, bark mulch and landscape growing media to the professional landscaping industry for nearly 30 yrs.

These materials are now available directly to the general public through their new website

Peat-Free Promise

All topsoil from Garden Topsoil Direct is derived from natural, dug soil. All their compost is peat-free, an important factor for Alan who recently came out in support of the ethical argument behind using peat based products.

Due to the rise of peat based compost, over 94% of one of the UK’s rarest and most vulnerable habitats, lowland raised peatbogs, have been lost. In fact, there are just 6,000 hectares left in pristine or near-natural condition, making peatland one of the Uk’s most threatened habitats.

We’ve lost count of how much topsoil has gone into the eight gardens featured on the new series which starts tonight (Tuesday 24th June, ITV1 8pm), but whether we’ve been filling raised beds, planting up pots and tubs or just digging in fresh topsoil to get the best from the new borders and beds, we’ve got Boughton to thank.

Digging in new topsoil is a time-consuming business, but it’s well worth it if you live in an area with poor soil.  If you have to contend with a heavy clay soil, live on a new-build with virtually no topsoil or simply want to give your plants the best chance of success, dig in some topsoil.

Topsoil is the soil from which plants derive most of their nutrients, and it is made up of more organic material (such as broken-down plants) than the subsoil underneath. In order for plants to grow well they need a nice thick layer of topsoil to feed on and, for many gardeners, adding topsoil is the only way to get it.

GTD organicblended

7 Easy Steps to Topsoil Success

Step 1

Visit and order your topsoil & peat-free compost.  The company offers free delivery to anywhere in mainland UK.

Step 2

Rake all large to medium sized rocks out of your soil and remove them from the area.

Step 3

Break up the soil with the hoe. Loosen it all over the area you intend to add topsoil to at a depth between five inches and one foot. Make sure none of the soil is patted down. You should be able to run your fingers through the soil.

Step 5

Add the manure or compost. Add one bag of manure or compost for every 3 square feet of land. Work the manure into the soil with the hoe until they are well mixed. Manure and compost help create topsoil.

Step 6

Add the topsoil. Add one bag of top soil for every 3 square feet. Work it into the manure and soil mixture with the hoe.

Step 7

Rake over the mixture. Add a 1-inch layer of top soil over the whole area. Do not mix it in.

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