Bird’s Eye View with TMS

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The mast extends to over 12 metres high

Want to know how we achieve our great aerial shots on our gardens?

Spun Gold Head of Production Jim Boyers explains:

“Our garden builds are amazing, but often difficult to film from a standard camera. It’s all very well filming at ground level but for our viewers to really appreciate the changes evolving in the garden, a high shot is essential.  Previous series of the show saw us approaching this problem with scissor lifts and self propelled booms but not many ordinary gardens can accommodate these relatively large pieces of machinery.”

This left the production team with a problem – how to get a proper birds eye view of the garden with minimal impact.

“Our prayers were answered when we discovered Total Mast Solutions, a company which manufactures and supplies up to 450 different types of masts for uses ranging from bird watching to military applications” says Jim.

Working closely with Head of Sales Hayley Wells, TMS supplied Love Your Garden with a mast which would raise a camera anywhere between 2 and 12 metres in to the air.  They also were able to supply a remote head so we could pan and tilt the camera once it had reached the height.

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Total Mast Solutions have the birds eye view..

“This has turned out to be an invaluable piece of equipment, entirely perfect for our needs.” says Jim.   “It is light and portable enough to be rigged by one person but stable enough to reach heights impossible with scissor lifts and booms.  Because of the portability we can place the mast wherever we want and the build quality ensures we don’t have to worry about the elements.”

TMS were kind enough to also supply the team with a Hiperpod, an even lighter mast for those really awkward spots.  See the photograph to see both masts in action with the Hiperpod mounted on the annexe roof!

The sky really is the limit with Total Mast Solutions.  If you need to go up in the world, go no further than TMS.

Jim Boyers

Spun Gold TV Head of Production

By alantitchmarsh