The Best Tool For The Job – Is A Burgon & Ball Tool!

The team working on the 2016 series of Love Your Garden has once again enjoyed using high quality stainless steel tools from Burgon & Ball in garden projects across the country. This is the fifth series for which the Sheffield-based manufacturer has supplied tools and accessories, and the team still loves them. The tools are certainly put through their paces during the filming – and they don’t disappoint!


This year the Love Your Garden team has used Burgon & Ball digging forks and spades, Groundbreaker spades, hand tools, pruning knives, Ground Master multi tools, Kneelo kneelers and rakes. In addition, a selection of watering cans, retro enamel giftware, trugs, plant labels, and more besides have been featured in the gardens. Many of the tools are endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society, possibly the highest gardening accolade.

Burgon & Ball started manufacturing cast steel shears in Sheffield’s industrial heartland in 1730 and has exceptional expertise in steelmaking. This expertise makes all the difference when it comes to quality, since many of a product’s most important attributes only emerge when a tool is used. It means that Burgon & Ball can ensure an edge tool cuts beautifully – not just when it’s brought home from the shop, but months and years down the line, too.

In recent years Burgon & Ball has won some major industry awards for design and innovation with its tools and accessories; ideas like the Weed Slice, the Razor Hoe and the Poc-kit gardener’s utility belt.

All in all, Burgon & Ball offers a brilliant combination of expertise, design and quality, making these tools the perfect choice to tackle the challenges faced by the Love Your Garden team!

By alantitchmarsh

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  1. So glad to see Alan is supporting British made tools. Buy British and keep Britain thriving!

  2. Please could you tell me the name of the the large plant potted up in the yellow container by the lovely ladies front door in tonight’s wonderful episode .I have a new square fibocotta pot 40cm x 40cm next to my front door waiting to be filled ,Wasn’t sure what to use until tonight’s show .

  3. Please can you tell me where the table and chairs are from in tonight’s episode
    Thought Iris was wonderful by the way.

  4. Hi
    Please can you els me
    I am a 52year old disabled widow in a wheel chair I woke 3 years ago to find my husband dead in bed beside me he was my care
    In that 3 years I’ve been through hell and back 4 weeks to the day of loosing my husband I went in to hospital to have the first of 6 operations to fuse my foot and ankle together. The reason of the op is due to my bones in my feet and ankles have collapsed when the ops did not work I opted for my leg to be amputated also in this 3 years with all that’s gone on I had to move house which was out of my control
    I am in desperate need of obtaining a grant so I can make my garden safe it’s halted decked which is so so slippy I am unable to go on it and the rest is graveled which my chair gets stuck on. I am also looking to have my other leg amputated for the same reason .
    I have applied for so many grants I don’t know which way to turn over asked my local government but they are unable to help me
    So pease can you help in any way please
    Many thanks
    Ann Boden
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  5. Hi please can you help me my aunty lives on her own in Birmingham as my other aunty passed away last month with cancer my aunty Mary is 89 and is finding things a struggle with the mantanace of the garden which is a lovely garden which goes down to a canal but family all live out of town and garden has high privits and needs maintaing regularly family help when they can but my aunty is just trying to cope the best she can after recent bereavement and I feel she needs easy maintenance my dad can not help as he is on oxygen for his lungs most greatful for any help and to see colourful and easy maintenance for my aunty in her twilight years regards Mrs Ashman 07951701014

  6. Dear Alan 3 years ago my son & daughter in law Michelle lost there son Robbie to Leaukemia he had started to do his garden but because of Robbie’s illness it had to be left Robbie had to have a bone Marrow transplant but he caught a virus and we lost him Michelle spent all her time with Robbie so was away from home most of the time myself & her mum looked after Robbie’s twin brothers while Paul worked as much as he could he is a London cabbie he has been trying to sort out the garden but needs so much work the boys want to play out there but is not safe for them hoping you could help them thanks 07984 915347

  7. Love the garden Alan and pals done for iris (land girl) disabled myself I know what it is to not being able to garden, what a wonderful lady she will be able to use the garden all year

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