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herbilicious_logoOn this week’s show we were lucky enough to have fresh herbs donated to us by Vitacress Herbs, the leading supplier to the UK market.

Vitacress’ website is the place to go to for recipes and inspiration for enjoying fresh herbs. Fresh herbs are a kitchen essential and can turn the simplest meal into something exciting and special, providing that extra character that brings other ingredients into balance. They add natural flavour, aroma, texture and colour to all your culinary creations.

Each herb brings a unique flavour to a dish and cooking with fresh herbs couldn’t be easier. So whether you’re looking to perk up your smoothies, give lunches a boost, or put the finishing touches to your favourite evening meal, visit for all the top tips and advice for making every day herbilicious.

By alantitchmarsh

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  1. I love watching your programme I just wish I could get my garden done for my husband as he works really hard and is always helping people I do my garden the best I can as he likes to sit out in the garden to relax when he gets in from work

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