Yves Delorme Providing French Luxury


A huge thank you to Yves Delorme for bringing some Je Ne Sais Quoi to our garden the other week! The monogrammed Bath Robes and Towels they provided for our garden in Hampshire were truly stunning – and really helped give Rosie and her family a real taste of French luxury.

Yves Delorme were lovely to work with – clearly endorsing their reputation as a high-quality, established brand.

Discover The World of Yves Delorme with their online platforms: Bed & Bath Linens, Accessories, Down, Fragrance …luxury products from traditional French savoir-faire.


By alantitchmarsh

2 comments on “Yves Delorme Providing French Luxury

  1. Hello Alan. Hope you are happy and well.

    My fiance Liz whom i plan to marry in 1218 after 13 years together has been a nurse since she left school in pursuit of looking after others.

    She has brought up to daughters single handily and is the most wonderful women who never stops and nit for a moment spends any time for herself.

    I love her so much and truly think it would be nice to do something for her and perhaps give her a beautiful garden that both her and the girls can relax in.

    Liz is still a nurse but in a different roll and it nearly brings me to tears just thinking about the joy it would give her if you and your team could help transform our little garden and make it an eden of relaxation.

    All our love Mike and unbeknownst Liz. X

  2. I want to nominate my daughter I have filled the form in don’t know the address where to send them

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