Second Nature, A Delight

Second-Nature-eco-chic11146412_780820892025618_11838578181817698_o-2Second Nature we’re an absolute delight to work with this series! They gave us a plethora of beautiful products for our garden in Durham, which helped make the garden extra special for the family.

10003763_802967669810940_423422395942265522_o-1They have a very clear and strong ethic within their company, and this is expressed in both their service and their products. It is a lovely family run business based in Dumfries, but don’t worry because they also have an internet shop where you can find their fair trade, eco-friendly or natural quality products in abundance. They have all sorts of products for your home, including a lovely selection of ethically sourced rugs, check them out here!


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  1. Please I’d like to nominate my daughter Caren I don’t know if I am doing this right hope to hear from you

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  2. Hello Alan I would like to nominate
    My nursery to have our nursery garden to your lovely standard, it is a shame it’s a lovely garden but it looks tired and us staff have no green fingers, we are here to look after the children. We work for a charity and that’s been a big problem with the finance of the materials, our children would love to enjoy our garden again, we work in a deprived area of Norwich. So this the only bit of outside space they see. Please can you help me to help my loving nursery Vicky

  3. I would love to have my garden transformed we are now retired and my hubby has no interest in the garden and I cannot manage on my own I would also love to find out how the beautiful blue butterflies were made in the last episode I fancy trying them myself to help hide a horrid fence I love the programme and I am sad that the series has ended xx

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