Burgon & Ball garden tools get right to the point!

groundbreaker-spade-lifestyle.jpgThe team working on the 2017 series of Love Your Garden has once again enjoyed using high quality stainless steel tools from Burgon & Ball in garden projects across the country. This is the sixth series for which the Sheffield-based manufacturer has supplied tools and accessories, and the team still loves them. The tools are certainly put to the test during the filming – and they don’t disappoint!

This year the Love Your Garden team has used Burgon & Ball stainless steel hoes, digging spades and the distinctive pointed Groundbreaker spades; FloraBrite fluorescent hand tools, secateurs, and gloves; comfy memory foam Kneelo® kneelers and kneepads; and handy Hip-Trug wearable trugs. The tools used on the show are endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society, possibly the highest accolade in gardening.

Burgon & Ball has been manufacturing shears in Sheffield’s industrial heartland in 1730 and has exceptional expertise in steelmaking. This expertise makes all the difference when it comes to quality, since many of a product’s most important attributes only emerge when a tool is used. This means, for example, that Burgon & Ball secateurs cut beautifully – not just when the tool is brought home from the shop, but months and years down the line, too.

The manufacturer has won some major industry awards for design and innovation with its tools and accessories; ideas like the pointed Groundbreaker spade, the Weed Slice, the Razor Hoe.

By alantitchmarsh