Garden Plan – Episode 3

Click here for McGinns Garden Plan.

Ep 3 Finished plantingPlanting Scheme for McGinn’s garden..

Bed A & B

Dicksonia antarctica

Chamaerops humilis

Different size box balls

Carex as the base plant

Japnese Anemone




Climber – cannot get Fatsia hedrea


Ep 3 Finished planting 3Bed C

Catalph bignonioides

Dicksonia antarctica



Ghost lady fern

Akebia quinata



Acanthus mollis



Janpanese anemone

Ep 3 Finished planting 2Bed D

Portugese laurel

Under planting of Amemanthele lessoniana

Bed E

Chamaerops humilis


Ghost lady ferns

Vial primrose


Black dwarf phormiums



Bed F

Arbutus unedo

Pachysandra ground cover

Carex comans ‘Amazon Mist’ – this will be the base plant for two of the beds. It will totally cover the ground with other plants coming out of grass – box ball/Agapanthus/Anemone Dicksonia Antarctica Chamaerops humilis Buxus sempervirens Agapanthus africanus

Phormium Queen Hosta’s – Mix of Mr Big and Empress Wu in flower

Fatsia variegated
White Japanese anemone Agave
Fatsia hedrea
Hellebore Mardi Gras Black Catalph bignonioides
Akebia quinata
Acanthus mollis Tricyrtis Dryopteris erythrosora Vial’s Primrose Ghost Lady Fern Rodgersia Cherry Blush Heuchera carmel Heuchera ‘Lime Ricky’

Pachysandra terminalis

White Agapanthus in flower

Eupatorium purpureum

6 Eremurus himalaicus – in pots with cascading plants around them. These are going infront of ther corten steel planters.



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