Garden Plan – Episode 2 Tuesday 30th June 2015

Garden Plan

Garden Plan – Episode 2 2015


40 comments on “Garden Plan – Episode 2 Tuesday 30th June 2015

  1. Sorry for the delayed reply – we’ve only just noticed that people can leave comments on here! Oops! It was Viburnum opulus – unusual to get it as a standard, but very beautiful!

  2. Viburnum opulus – sorry for the delayed reply – we’ve only just noticed that people can leave comments on here! Oops!

  3. Please can we have the plant list for this garden as I loved them but I have no idea what they were, thank you.

  4. Hi. Love the series! Having trouble finding exact name of the Viburnum standard used in episode 2. Would love one for my new garden. Is it Opulus in a standard? I see that Wyevale supplied the plants but even they can’t tell me what it is! Hope you can give me exact name please!

  5. create this garden, we used box balls, pink lilac, white hydrangea, ceanothus, rhododendron, viburnum opulus, viburnum plicatum, pittosporum tenuifolium and rosa banksiae ‘Lutea’. We planting climbers including wisteria and clematis montana. Then we added bergenia, petunias, vinca minor, blue and white agapanthus, lavender, delphinium, white osteospermum and lamium ‘white Nancy’.
    This is the list on, full details of the garden on there

  6. Hello there!!! I loved this episode, and as you questioned, I would like to know the planting list also. Just wandering did you get a reply? If yes, do you mind to share with me? Thank you very much!
    Best regards

  7. My drive is driving me crazy my husband left 10 years ago with a drive left with hardcore on it and nothing else what can I do with it that’s not going to be too expensive please help!!!

  8. Hi, I really like the large @Ritz’ style planters for the patio area, could you please let me know then names of the plants that you put in them

  9. Please call you let me know the type os f small and large stones which were mixed with sand and something else. In order to set. Please. Thank you

  10. Great programme, who are the suppliers of the tall fencing screening the oil tank.

  11. Resin Bound Paving (picture Ref. DSC_0635)

    The Colquhoun family had a perfectly usable, but rather drab and unattractive concrete path and slab patio. We wanted to transform this and the perfect way to do this without removing the existing hard surfaces was to use resin bound paving.

    Resin bound paving is a fantastic surface as it is semi-permeable – meaning that water drains through it and it is available in a huge range of colours.

    Addagrip Terraco and Long Rake Spar supplied us with two different coloured aggregates and the resin for this surfacing. We used Terrabase ‘Rustic Beach’ for most of the area. Within the dining area, we used Terrabase ‘Rustic Oak’ to demarcate where the table and chairs sit – just like you would use a rug indoors. This not only highlights the area, but breaking up the uniformity of one colour, adds interest.

    The ‘Rustic’ range can be applied on top of a level existing surface, or, unusually, it can be applied straight onto a compacted sub base. This makes it the perfect resin bound surfacing for garden paths, patios and driveways.

    The Addagrip Terraco approved installer, Resin Bonded Surfacing, travelled all the way from Yorkshire and worked tirelessly all day to get this done in time and we are very grateful for their involvement and fabulous handiwork.

    Terrabase Rustic paving costs from £65.00 per square metre for areas in excess of 50 sqm. For more information on resin bound paving, please go to

  12. Hi, what is the name of the standard viburnum that was used in the large white planters around the seating area, it’s just what I need for my garden, thanks

  13. Great programme.
    Please can you let me know the type of small & larger stones which were mixed
    With sand and something else? in order
    to make it set hard to make a solid area. Also the quantities of each for
    Thank you

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