Garden Plan – Episode 3 Tuesday 07th July 2015


Bed A

Agapanthus Charlotte
Digitalis Dalmatian White
Westringia fruticosa Smokie
Sedum spectabile Iceberg
Cerinthe major Purpurascens
Euphorbia pasteurii
Feoniculum vulgare Purpureum

Bed B

Cynara cardunculus
Digitalis Dalmatian White
Laurus nobilis
Athyrium filix-femina

Bed C

TAxus baccata

Bed D

Phyllostachys aurea spectabilis
Agave attenuate
Aeonium arboretum

Bed E

Allium Purple Sensation
Buxus sempervirens
Iris Loves Tune
Iris Langport Minstrel
Iris Raja
Viola sorovia Freckles

Bed F

Festuca glauca Elijah Blue
Spanish Echium

Bed G

Agapanthus Charlotte
Buxus sempervirens
Digitalis Dalmatian White
Euphorbia amygdaloides var robbiae
Gladiolus italicus
Ophiopogon planiscapus Nigrescens
Paeonia Yackiyo Tsubaki

Planting Beds

Planting Beds – Episode 3 2015

Garden Plan

Garden Plan – Episode 3 2015


25 comments on “Garden Plan – Episode 3 Tuesday 07th July 2015

  1. Hi What are the plants called in the dome green house in the glass bottles, look space like, hanging upside down. So cool. Thanks

  2. where can i see the actual picture of the garden please? i was interested in the screening box bag plants and where to buy them. thanks

  3. What was the paving that they used as stepping stones called and where they supplied from ?

    Henlade Garden Nursey TAUTON. TELEPHONE NUMBER 01823 443701

  5. Hello Lee, the plant list should be up on the site asap. As one of the producers I have emailed this across to our web team and they should have it up very soon. We are sorry for the delay.

  6. The plant that was used in the show is called a Cardoon, latin name is Cynara cardunculus. You can find suppliers across the UK for these plants.

  7. There were two plants next to the bamboo. One was Agave attenuate and the other was Aeonium arboretum. The Agave came from Kelways PLants Ltd near Taunton. The Aeoniums came from a nursery called Desert to Jungle which is also near Taunton.

  8. Hello. Westringia that was supplied for the show was from a company call Evergreens Exterior Services Ltd. They are based near Croydon.

  9. Send an email to viewersservice@ If enough of us complain they may
    revise the website to help with the plant list.

  10. Oh no, I was hoping to find the plant list also. Very disappointing. I’m also trying to find out what the aeiou plant was too.

  11. Where’s the Plant list want English supplier for Westringia ( Australian Rosemary)

  12. I’ve got one of the plants that was in beside the bamboo and wondered what its called……… something about aeiou

  13. How do spell the name of that giant plant so I can search for it? It sounds like “Kadoo”

  14. I would also like to know about the plants especially the column hedging and where to buy please

  15. I love your shows! All of them! I was wondering where the list of the plants was since the Garden Plant pages seem to be empty. Any chance it can be re-posted? I know its s long shot! Please make more shows! You’ve all inspired me in such a great length that the words cannot describe! Thank you!

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