Garden Plan – Episode 4 Tuesday 14th July 2015


Bed A

1 x Cercis (forest pansy)

9 Poppies (white and pink)

5 pennisetum ‘Red Buttons’

5 stipa tenuissima,

5 calamagrostis ‘Karl Foerster’

5 Cistus (white)

3 Viburnum opulus

10 Alliums

10 Lupins

Bed B (bottom left semi circle)

1 x Cydona oblonga (quince tree)

9 Poppies (white and pink)

Grasses (as before)

5 x Kolkwitzia

3 x Viburnum opulus

Tray of white cosmos

10 Alliums

6 Delphiniums

Bed C (right hand semi circle)

1 x Cercidiphyllum

Poppies (as before)

Grasses (as before)

3 x Viburnum opulus

5 x Weigela

10 Alliums

Tray of pink cosmos

Irises??? X 10

Bike bed

5 Betula

5 white foxgloves

5 pink foxgloves

5 white aquilegia

5 pink aquilegia

5 white dicentra

5 pink dicentra

Tray of blue aquilegia

Car Seat bed

3 x Lilac

3 x Viburnum opulus

5 x Kolkwitzia



1 tray long variegated ivy

3 trays Pink petunias

Climbers – 2 clematis and 2 trachelospermum

2 trays pink osteospermum

Other plants:

Calamagrostis ‘Overdam’

Stipa tenuissima


Garden Plan

Garden Plan – Episode 4 2015

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