Garden Plan – Episode 7 Tuesday 04th August 2015


31 comments on “Garden Plan – Episode 7 Tuesday 04th August 2015

  1. Dear Alan,

    I have a garden with an area of 3000m2 but in Poland.
    It has a lot of plants and trees and the orchard, but the garden does not hold a whole.
    Would you like to renew my garden? You fulfilled the dream of my mother, who dreams of old age rest in a beautiful garden. I dream of a modern garden.
    Garden has plenty of room to do a lot of interesting things.
    Objects that I would like to end up in the garden:
    gazebo, paths with lanterns, a football pitch, swimming pool, fireplace, fountain, illuminated boulder, diveway for cars, barbecue with bricks, **greenhouse with plunge pool, exotic plants and parrots**, a beach volleyball court, a patio for events, wooden house made of logs in which it would be jacuzzi, sauna and bar, terrace at the house surrounded by grasses.
    I will waiting for contact
    Isabella from POLAND

  2. I was inspired by the cypress trees Alan planted, so much so that I have bought two for my garden. I just need some advice on planting them, feed mulch etc.

  3. Loved the series, be nice to see the garden plan for episode 7, Tuesday 04th August 2015. Able to view all other garden plans except this one.

  4. Could you let me know the name of the tall red plant used. Is it fragrant and how tall does it grow? thanks

  5. Where can I find the information for the building works specifications to raise the bottom of the garden including building the wall and footings etc as my garden is on a big slope and this is the kind of thing that I am looking to do?

  6. I would like to know if there is a plant list available also. I was particularly interested in the plants around the picture.

  7. I am planning on doing some raised beds could you name few tall flowering plant strong colour like the tall red one in tonight programme lease as my mum also has MD. are there any photos of the beds you did against the fencing lease for me to try and copy great programme love watching it.

  8. I would love to recreate the very colourful bed in the far corner. Which plants did you use?

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