Garden Plan – Episode 8 Tuesday 11th August 2015

Garden Plan

Garden Plan – Episode 8 2015


13 comments on “Garden Plan – Episode 8 Tuesday 11th August 2015

  1. share the same view as most of these people above. I was looking for the prairie planting and found nothing

  2. When I clicked to view the plan and plant list for this episode as I’m interested in the prairie plants used, the wrong episode plan is used and NO plant list. Please get this website up to date with all and the correct info.

  3. The garden plan and plants list for 11th August doesn’t say anything about the floral meadow turf, which I would really like to know about – where can I get it from please?

  4. This webpage is useless thers no information or Link as to where to apply for a application form to fill in to nominate someone who deserves it they don’t have a massively big garden Or live in a mansion or earn or have a big bank balance as a majority of people who apear on the show have ( no offence) but this seams to be the format of the show big is best come on give someone a chance try doing a small garden and you don’t have to pay a fortune for it to do it up

  5. Hello itv yes I Agree where are The Info On The Flowers etc
    This Aint Good Website @ All (IF LOVE YOUR GARDEN IS COMING BACK)
    Well it’s needs update more better …

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