Get The Look – Ep 2 Tuesday July 2nd 2013

Inspired by how Love Your Garden achieved this stunning makeover ? We’ve picked out some key features of the garden below, along with suppliers info.

Get The Look Episode 2, July 2nd 2013

Kebony Decking

Decking on ITV's Love Your Garden
Kebony decking by AVS Fencing

We selected this stylish Kebony decking to replace the one that had rotted at Suzi’s house, because it has a smooth finish (which is great for Isaac) and it is eco-friendly. The lovely golden brown colour will fade to a beautiful silver grey patina over time and the deck really adds a holiday feel to the garden.

Kebony is a revolutionary external timber product ideal for cladding, decking, flooring and yacht applications. It’s a sustainable product made more durable, stable and aesthetically appealing through the infusion of biowaste (a process called Kebonization, that permanently modifies the cell wall of the timber).

It offers good resistance to weather, wear and decay and has a very low carbon footprint, which is great to the environment. Also, unlike other decking materials,  it requires no form of maintenance beyond normal cleaning- low maintenance decking is perfect for a busy mum like Suzi.

The Kebony decking retails at £8.45 per linear metre

For more information and to purchase Kebony decking  go to

For a fuller explanation of Kebonization, the characteristics and benefits of Kebony profiled products and their applications go to

Olive trees in ITV's Love Your Garden
Olive Trees by Villaggio Verde

Olive Trees

We selected olive trees to go into Suzi’s garden because they really add a flavor of the Mediterranean.

Olive trees (Olea europaea) are the perfect addition to any garden being hardy, adaptable and suitable for growing in a wide range of climates and conditions.  These stunning evergreen specimens are also wind tolerant and require very little care and attention to thrive and can be happily planted out or containerised.

These wonderful old gnarly trees, used to provide the focal point in this garden, cost from £495 (delivered nationwide).   Villaggio Verde is the UK’s leading Olive Tree supplier and offers a full range of olive trees starting from just £40.

For more helpful information and advice visit

Resin Bound Path

Resin Bound Flooring from Orchid Designs and
Resin Bound Flooring from Orchid Flooring and Addagrip

We decided to install a resin bound path in Suzi and Isaac’s garden so that Isaac can have smooth access to the whole garden. The great thing about this resin bound path, is that it has the appearance of loose gravel but without the maintenance of it. It is also really hardwearing,  anti slip and very smooth – so Isaac won’t bump about when in his wheelchair.

It is available in a huge range of colours which come from different aggregates or there are specially coloured gravels which can be used. We had a bright yellow sunshine image created in the path by the sail shade seating area .

We had a team of experts lay the resin bound gravel onto a concrete base, as it is a tricky job mixing and laying it on with a trowel  before it sets!

We think this low maintenance path not only looks stunning, but is perfect for Suzi and Isaac.

Our resin bound path supplier was Addagrip and our resin bound path fitter was  Orchid Flooring.

Wood fired oven on ITV's Love Your Garden
Pizza oven from Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver Wood Fired Oven

We chose to have the Dome60 Jamie Oliver Wood Fired Oven in Suzi’s garden so that she could cook outside in style. It’s not just an oven, it is a great feature in the garden and will soon become a real social hub!

This amazing oven can be used for almost anything – cooking pizzas, roast or a hearty stew! It retains the heat so well that Suzi can even continue cooking on it up to two hours after the fire goes out! It’s also only 1 metre wide, so will fit into most gardens  or terraces and is quick to assemble.

The food cooked in the outdoor wood fired oven will be infused with a delicate smokiness and really brings out the flavour and we are sure that Suzi, who loves cooking, will get years of enjoyment from it.

The Dome60 retails at £1200 including VAT and kerbside delivery

For more information go to: 

Garden speakers on ITV's Love Your Garden
Outdoor speakers from Bose

Bose Outdoor Speakers

These amazing outdoor speakers will really liven up Suzi’s garden. She can play hers, Isaac’s and Catiya’s favourite tunes even when outside.

These landscape and patio speakers can be installed in the ground or on hard surfaces. Designed to blend in with garden greenery, we think Suzi will hardly notice amongst the beautiful planting. We connected them up to her existing sound system, so all she needs to do is select some music and press play.

If you were to have a  patio or deck, the grooves on the underside of the base allow you to neatly tuck in wires for a simple and professional-looking installation.

With all of their features, including their rugged casing and downward-firing, 11.4 cm, full-range driver, these weather resistant speakers offer the durability Suzi needs outdoors with sound she’d expect indoors. They are guaranteed and tested to withstand even extreme conditions, so you can leave them outside all year long.

The FreeSpace 51 Environmental Speakers retail at £549 per pair

For more information go to

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