Get The Look – Ep 7 Tuesday 6th August 2013

For more details on the features in tonight’s programme, read on!

ITV's Love Your Garden lighting
Hunza and LuxR lighting from Moonlight Designs

Garden Lighting

We wanted to ensure that Harvey and Megan could use their garden at dusk as that is when their eyes see best, so we installed low level lighting to lengthen then time they could be outside. It also means that Louise and Andy can enjoy their garden in the evenings.

We selected fabulous outdoor lighting by Hunza and LuxR, which are manufactured in New Zealand with the highest quality materials. All of the lighting is LED, which is cheap to run, requires very little maintenance (due to incredibly long bulb life) and the added advantage that they don’t get really hot like conventional bulbs.

All of the garden lighting runs on low voltage, which is cheap to run and safe to use.

ITV's Love Your Garden lighting
Hunza and LuxR lighting from Moonlight Designs

For the lawn, we recessed 3 Hunza solid bronze Lawn Lites. These are waterproof and have a glass lens which runs flush with the outer casing – so water doesn’t pool in it. Designed so lamp can be directed up to 20 degrees at a bush, tree, building without the need to remove the luminaire from the ground. They are designed so you can mow and walk over them.

For the pergola, we used several LuxR LED Modux One bracket mounted lights. It is a compact, contemporary modular LED light fixture which would look great in any garden. The light is mounted on a bracket which allows it to swivel and provides 45 degree elevation adjustment.

Moonlight Design Limited who design garden lighting systems , provided us with the technical information and help, plus sourced the lighting for the Webb’s garden.

Light fittings start from £73 each and were kindly supplied by Hunza and LuxR. For more information please go to Hunza –

LuxR –

Remember, all garden lighting should be installed by a qualified and registered electrician. We used the fab guys from Direct Electrics

ITV's Love Your Garden pergola
Pressure treated softwood pergola panels from Grange Fen


We decided to build a pergola with slats and louvred panels on the top to provide shade from the sunlight for Harvey and Megan. It also provides a fabulous structure to grow climbers up and the shade created underneath allows for planting of shade loving plants such as hydrangeas.

We built the pergola from pressure treated softwood from managed forests, which we then painted in lilac – this is a great colour to plant against.

We found some wonderful louvered panels to put on top, which created a denser shade than the slats. It creates great shadows and also looks stunning from above. These slatted panels could also be used as an interesting fence or screen in your garden.

The louvre panel retails at £96.25 and the lilac paint retails at £7.99 for 1 litre.

For more information on the louvered fencing, pergola kits and other great ideas with timber, go to

For more information on the lilac wood stain and other great colours, go to

ITV's Love Your Garden art panel
Garden art panel from Nexiform

Garden Art Panel

We had this stunning garden art panel made for us using an image showing purple irises – one of Louise’s favourite plants. These clever panels can be made for indoor or outdoor use in any size, up to 1.5 metres wide using either a photo you have taken or from a huge catalogue of images.

You can even have panels that look like brickwork or tiles! We chose a matt finish so that it doesn’t reflect light back at Harvey and Megan, but these art panels can also come with a high gloss finish.

They are made from waste and recycled materials and our eco friendly art panel retails at £750

For more information on the Garden Art Panel and many other exciting designs and uses, go to

ITV's Love Your Garden storage bench
Valletta storage bench from

Storage Benches

We needed to have storage in the Webb’s garden, however it was too small to have a shed as well as all of the other items in the garden.

We were delighted when we found this really smart outdoor bench, which has a large storage area underneath. In fact, we were so impressed, we had two!

A great space saving solution, this aesthetically pleasing outdoor storage bench is highly practical too. A handy addition to your garden or patio, simply lift the lid to reveal a useful storage compartment. It is ideal for keeping children’s toys or your garden tools neatly out of sight.

This bench is made from Malaysian Tropical Hardwood. Outdoor furniture made with wood from the Shorea wood species such as this, will have a great amount of longevity, strength and durability – perfect for garden furniture!

We also got a fabulous striped cushion to match it – from a choice of 4 different designs.

We are sure that the whole family will make the most of these benches.

The Valletta Storage Bench retails at £89.99

For more information o n the bench and other great gardening products, go to

ITV's Love Your Garden table, chairs and parasol
Table, chairs and parasol from Webbs Direct

Table, chairs and parasol

We wanted a 4 seater ourdoor dining set that would be attractive, hardwearing and comfortable. This Raffles Small Round Set 1.2m offers colonial style dining and comfort in the Webb’s garden or would suit a conservatory…without the parasol of course!

We think this limited edition Hartman garden furniture makes a fabulous design statement. It is made from synthetic resin open weave hand woven over a strong but light aluminium frame, which means that it requires virtually no maintenance. It retains a natural look and feel whilst being fully weatherproof

It features a toughened glass top and a parasol for shade on a sunny day

The seating is superbly comfortable, having been ergonomically designed and complemented by luxurious cushions which are hard wearing and easy to clean.

We think that the Webb’s will enjoy entertaining round this table in the garden for many years to come.

The Raffles Small Round Set 1.2m retails at £999.99 with free delivery.

For more information on the table of chairs plus lots of other lovely gardening products, go to

ITV's Love Your Garden Acoustic Fencing
Acoustic Fencing from Premier Acoustic Fencing

Acoustic Fencing

We wanted to reduce the sound coming from the nearby railway line as Harvey and Megan’s hearing is very important to them. We were delighted to find the Premier Acoustic Reflective Barrier fencing, which helps to lower noise levels in a garden.

Conventional fencing is generally supplied in panel form and is fitted to solid posts. They are designed to look pretty and do not have any acoustic qualities. This fence uses a tuning fork design posts with 4.8m long boards slotted into place and timber lock screwed.

This design does not allow noise to penetrate through it and reflects it back to where it came from. It has also been designed to not look commercial in it’s appearance, meaning it can be used for residential use as well. This fence does not absorb sound, it reflects it back from where it came from. An absorptive layer can be added to one side of the fence although that was not required with our garden.

The acoustic fence can reduce noise levels by up to 28dB…to give you an idea on how much reduction that is, a drop of 10dB to the human ear sounds like the sound has been halved.

We were delighted with this amazing fence and were really impressed that it is guaranteed for 25 years against all forms of rot and insect attack. We found it straightforward to assemble and gave a stylish look to the Webb’s garden.

The Premier Acoustic Reflective Barrier is priced at £57.77 & VAT per linear metre.

For more information on this fantastic fencing go to

ITV's Love Your Garden Green wall
Green wall from

Green Wall

We decided to give the Webbs a living wall to not only cover up the existing fence, but to also provide a tactile and contrasting vertical surface in the garden. It will look fabulous all year round planted up with heuchera, ferns, black grass, carex and pachysandra.
A living wall is the perfect answer to screen unsightly fences, but also where space is at a premium. It is a good way of introducing vertical greenery into a small courtyard or even a balcony. The system we use goes together really easily and comes with an irrigation system for easy watering.
It comprises of troughs that can accommodate established plants for instant impact. Both ornamental and edible plants can be grown for year-round interest.
The system we used can even be cut to fit awkward shapes, so allows great flexibility in plant design and maintenance.
The Treebox Easiwall Panels come in a variety of dimensions and  from 160 pounds. For more info on living walls and the panels used in tonight’s show, go to

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