Get The Look – Episode 2 Tuesday 1st July 2014

ITV's Love Your Garden
Outdoor Kitchen from Luxius

Luxius Outdoor Kitchen

As an ex publican, Ian is a keen cook, so we decided to give him a fantastic outdoor kitchen. We chose this stylish modular outdoor kitchen by Luxius, because it is top quality with sleek design.

The outdoor kitchen is equipped with perfect hardware, storage sections, counter tops and kitchen cupboards. Ian and Claire have a fabulous grill, sink, wine and storage cupboards.

The great thing about these units are that they are modular, which means that Ian and Claire can move them around – they’re not stuck with the same configuration as an indoor kitchen! If they wanted to add to their outdoor kitchen later, there are a number of other superb units which they could choose from.

This 2 unit outdoor kitchen retails at £5845

Outdoor Creations kindly sourced and set up the Luxius kitchen for us. For further information on this outdoor kitchen plus many more options, go to

Elite St. Meloir fencing from Grange Fencing
Elite St. Meloir fencing from Grange Fencing

Elite St Meloir Fencing

Once we had removed Claire and Ian’s Lleylandii hedge and the fencing which had seen better days, we needed to put up a smart new fence. We selected the Elite St Meloir fence panels from Grange Fencing, with matching trellis and great because they aren’t just functional, but really attractive.

The horizontal slats give the illusion that the garden is longer and wider than it really is, whilst the lattice trellis at the top is pretty and perfect to grow climbers through. It’s a really lovely feature in the garden and compliments the design of the garden.

This softwood fence is pressure treated, so won’t need painting and it comes in a range of sizes. The trellis is fantastic as screening or to grow plants up.

The Elite St Melior Panel 1.8m  retails at   £64.99, the 1.2m retails at £49.99, the 1.8m Gate  retails at  £99.99 and the Elite St Meloir Lattice Trellis retails at £69.99. Grange Fencing supplied and erected the fencing…and we must say a special thank you to them for supplying and additional 18 panels at very short notice!

For further information on the Elite St Meloir fencing plus much more go to

Rosemoor Greenhouse from Gabriel Ash
Rosemoor Greenhouse from Gabriel Ash

The Rosemoor Greenhouse

Claire’s old greenhouse had fallen apart but she really loves growing plants, especially tomatoes. We chose the Rosemoor Greenhouse from Gabriel Ash, because it is beautifully crafted and a stunning design. We sited it so that the ridge runs north-south, which maximises the amount of sunlight on it.

It is made from Western Red Cedar, which starts off a lovely red colour and fades over time to a gentle silver. The Rosemoor is the smallest greenhouse in Gabriel Ash’ RHS Collection and endorsed by them.

Measuring approximately 6 and a half foot in width by 8 foot in length, it is perfect  for a small garden. The cedar greenhouse has full length ridge ventilation which operate on automatic openers. These wax filled pistons respond to climatic conditions so if you are away from your garden on a warm day the greenhouse will be ventilated.

The Rosemoor retails at £5950 supplied and £6995 supplied and erected.

For further information on this greenhouse plus many more, go to

ITV's Love Your Garden
Jungle Jim from Jungle

Jungle Gym

After throwing away Jamie’s old climbing frame, we had to replace it with something really special, so we chose the Jungle Gym from Jungle Gym.

This is a clever children’s tower playhouse, with market stall and hidden den underneath, a single swing plus a slide and a climbing wall – what more could any child want?

The Jungle Gym has a versatile collection of wooden climbing frames, ranging in sizes to suit all ages and garden sizes.

It encourages physical, mental and social play. Each wooden climbing frame has individual specifications and can be further personalised through the addition of modules and accessories.

The Jungle Gym is supplied in kit form or can be erected by their skilled staff and retails from £980.00

For further information on this fantastic play equipment, go to

Honeymede Stone Paving from Bradstone
Honeymede Stone Paving from Bradstone

Bradstone Honeymede Natural Stone Paving

Claire and Ian’s garden had no paved area in it when the team arrived. We decided to give them 2 large seating areas so that they could entertain all their friends and family.

We chose the Honeymede Natural stone paving  from Bradstone, because it is a beautiful light colour which compliments the other materials in the garden.

This is a limestone paving, which has lovely natural veining in it and is available in soft colours. It comes as a 10.2 sq.m patio pack and adds a timeless elegance to the garden.

For further information on this paving, go to

For lots of behind the scenes photo’s, stories and ideas inspired by this episode of Love Your Garden, visit David Domoney’s blog page here

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