Get The Look – Episode 6 Tuesday 29th July 2014

ITV's Love Your Garden
Brown Buff Linear Paving from Global Stone

Brown Buff Linear Paving from Global Stone

We selected the Brown Buff Linear Paving for Joan’s garden because we wanted to create the illusion of a wider garden. The elongated proportions of this paving from the Artisan collection of Global Stone of the Linear paving can create a lengthening or widening effect.

We designed the paved areas so that they were circular and this also leads your eye around the garden instead of straight to the end.

Linear paving naturally creates a silky, sophisticated paving look. The clean colourways and the impeccable quality combined and gave Joan’s garden a great effect. It produced striking patio areas and a clever winding path.

The paving comes in 4 colours, we selected buff brown, but it is also available in Mint, Modak Rose and York Green.

The paving measures 140x845cm, retailing at £50 per square metre and is available in packs of 60.

For more information, please go to Global Stone

ITV's Love Your Garden
Gothic Half Shed from the Posh Shed Company

Space is at a premium in Joan’s garden, but she still needed a shed to store her garden tools and other bits. We selected the fabulous space saving Half Shed from the Posh Shed Company because it not only looked fantastic, but Gothic Half Shed ensuring only 6′ x 4′, it fitted perfectly into Joan’s garden.

It is available in a number of sizes including full sheds up to 10’x 8′ The Gothic shed makes quite a statement with its detailed facia boards and Gothic arch within the door and window frames. The sheds are available in a huge range of colours and we picked purple, Joan’s favourite colour…and she loved it!

We selected cedar shingles for the roof, but there are a number of different options available.

All of the gothic sheds come with a standard door but if you would prefer a stable door, this can be done. The fantastic folk at The Posh Shed Company installed it for us and did a great job, despite the limitations of filming and the tight squeeze in the garden.

The Gothic Half Shed retails at £2850. For more information and to view their range of many other beautiful sheds, please go to

Vantage 250 Summerhouse from Dunster House

ITV's Love Your Garden
Vantage 250 Summerhouse from Dunster House

Joan’s dream for the garden was to have a summerhouse, so that was exactly what we gave her. We selected the Vantage 250 Summerhouse from Dunster house because it has an attractive hexagonal shape, which fitted perfectly into the garden.

This space saving summerhouse only measures 2.5m in diameter, but it is spacious and very pretty. The double doors open right back so that Joan can enjoy the sunshine on sunny days, but also remain cosy when the weather isn’t so favourable.

The amazing team from Dunster House erected the summerhouse in the most appalling weather conditions and stayed very late.

This summerhouse retails at £1165.99, details available from

Joya Table Top BBQ – Barbecook

ITV's Love Your Garden
Joya Table Top BBQ – Barbecook

Because Joan’s garden was small, we selected the Joya Table Top BBQ because it measures 30cm diameter, so is perfect for her to use outside on the table in the garden.

It’s stylish black body and red feet make it a really attractive BBQ, it is also available in white.

It has the authenticity of a traditional charcoal BBQ, but the Joya comes with a set of 4 stylish serving tongs and is designed so everyone can join in and prepare their own dish.

Grilling on the Joya, means grilling in all safety. With a ceramic burner box filled with water, which never overheats and silicone feet which provide the table that extra protection.

The handy pre-packaged Grilltabs are the best way to easily light the Joya, without getting your hands dirty or having to lug around heavy bags. Joya also minimises chores after your BBQ party. The grilling grid and the stainless steel internal burner box are dishwasher-safe, the ceramic burner box is a breeze to clean with a soft moist cloth. What about the remaining ashes? You can even use them as a plant fertiliser!

The Joya Table Top BBQ retails at £140 and is available from Barbecook. For further information, please go to

ITV's Love Your Garden
Topiary Giraffe from Agrumi

Topiary Giraffe from Agrumi

One of Joan’s favourite animals is the giraffe, so we thought we’d have some fun and give her a topiary one ! He has a wire frame and the topiary grows up through it and then is trimmed to the wire shape. He stands around 6′ tall, not quite as tall as the real thing, but tall enough to make a real impact.

Topiary is the horticultural art of clipping and training shrubs or trees into ornamental shapes and sculptures. The resulting shape can be as exotic and elaborate as a stalking velociraptor, or as simple as a hedge creating a boundary. It is great for a garden because it gives form and structure all year round. It is easy to maintain, all it needs is a trim to keep the shape…a bit like your own hair!

The word ‘topiary’ is derived from the Latin word topiarius, which means ‘landscape gardener’.

We selected the topiary giraffe from Agrumi who are fabulous topiary makers. They also supplied all of the topiary for Joan’s front garden. Their wire-framed topiary is created and maintained on-site, making it far greener than any topiary shipped from abroad! They have a huge range from classical box balls to animals, cars and even people.

The giraffe details at £499. For more information on unusual and bespoke topiary and to view their incredible range which includes the box balls and box lollipops, please go to

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