Get The Look – Episode 7 Tuesday 5th August 2014

PremiumPlus Lantera Sunlight Doubled Glazed Cabin with Sidestore from Dunster House

ITV's Love Your Garden
PremiumPlus Lantera Sunlight Doubled Glazed Cabin with Sidestore from Dunster House

The Chapman family already had a small garden building in their garden. The only problem was that like most sheds (yours included probably!) it was a little dated and full of things they didn’t really need. We wanted to give them a more up to date building and make it a real feature of the garden.

Our friends at Dunster House stepped forward with this stylish outdoor store which makes a great destination and focal point for the end of the garden journey. We kitted the building out with some up to the minute mod cons, a small projector and some great stylish furniture.

We added personal touches of family pictures and a painting from Natalie’s Dad. This double glazed cabin is a lovely addition to the garden adding another room to the house and a safe area for the twins to go and play while the parents sit on the patio outside.

There is a side store for all of the family bikes and anything extra the family need to store. Finally, we gave the building a coat of Protek paint in cool contemporary colours.

Retail – £3529.99 To find out more please visit

ITV's Love Your Garden
Caribbean Lounge Set – Bents Home and Garden Furniture

No garden room would be complete without and furniture and after looking inside the Chapman family home we knew they would love this stylish Caribbean Lounge set supplied by Bents Home and Garden centre.

This beautifully manufactured aluminium indoor or outdoor lounge suite can be for indoor or outdoor use. We did have to think hard about the type of furniture we could use in the garden as the twins are sensitive to strong patterns and could trigger their epilepsy. However the cool contemporary single colour of this lounge suite means there will be no need for the family to worry.

The Chapmans will be able to relax and watch films on the projector and entertain friends and family comfortably on this lounge suite. The set is also really light and easy to move around, so if the family want a change of scenery and move the furniture outside they can easily do this.

Retail £1299 To find out more about this product please visit

ITV's Love Your Garden
Millboard – Smoked Oak Enhanced Grain Decking

Millboard – Smoked Oak Enhanced Grain Decking 

With everything in the in garden we had to think carefully about the twins and their condition. If we had used wooden decking then the family would have had to maintain the decking so that it would remain free of algae growth so the girls would not slip and hurt themselves.

With little time to spare to maintain regular decking, we chose a virtually maintenance-free decking option for the family. The smoked oak grain decking from Millboard is an enhanced grain decking with a smooth wood-grain finish which adds style and elegance to this project.

This decking material looks amazing in any garden. You have super grip when walking around on it and it will never fade or stain. Once the decking is down that is pretty much it, no treatment needed apart from a little clean now and then. In the long run this product actually saves you time and money. This contemporary decking really fits in well into the garden design and compliments the other materials used within the space.

Retail £80 per sqm For more information please visit

ITV's Love Your Garden
Latina Retractable Canopy Pergola – Rowlinson Garden Products

Latina Retractable Canopy Pergola – Rowlinson Garden Products

In the garden we wanted to add some height and help draw the eye down the garden, and this lightweight aluminium frame pergola does the job perfectly.

The pergola frames the garden building from the decking and definitely adds the dimension of height in an elegant way. The contemporary look of this product sits gracefully in the garden and adds contrast, with it’s dark colouring.

The added bonus of this retractable canopy pergola is that it comes with a shower proof retractable taupe coloured canopy. The family can take some time out from the sun and shelter under the canopy with 360 degrees views of the garden.

With this canopy you do not have to wait for plants to grow up and over for shade and with the little time the family have for maintenance this is perfect for them. This pergola is free-standing and can be moved very easily if needed. We took the option of bolting it to the patio just to give it added security.

Retail £499 To find out more on this product please visit

ITV's Love Your Garden
Beesley & Fildes Ltd – Dune Sandstone Paving

 Beesley & Fildes Ltd – Dune Sandstone Paving

With the design of this garden we wanted to keep everything light and simple with regards to the colour palette. This ‘Natural Dune Sandstone’ paving looks great in the garden; when wet its subtle grain is beautifully highlighted.

The light colour of the paving provides a fantastic contrast to the simple, crisp whites and greens of the planting.

The smooth clean finish of the sandstone paving enhances the contemporary design of the garden which is a calming place for the family to be.

Retail £39 per sqm – To find out more on this product please visit

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