Get The Look – Episode 6 Tuesday 28th July 2015

Summerhouse/Playhouse/Shed Combi

summerhouseWe chose this fabulous multi functional building because we wanted space for Maggie to escape to, somewhere for the grandchildren to play in and an area to hide gardening tools. Malvern Timber Framed Buildings helped us to design this fabulous building, encompassing everything we wanted. There’s even a secret door for the children together – complete with an internal window…so Maggie can keep an eye on her grandchildren.

It is made out of pressure treated timber and they used cedar shingles to tile the roof and give it a mediterranean feel.

Malvern Timber Framed Buildings have a huge range of outdoor buildings…and if there isn’t anything that suits you, they are even able to create your very own bespoke building.

We finished off the building by painting it in a range of Farrow & Ball paint colours and by adding fabulous decorative, paintable shutters from Simply Shutters.

The Summerhouse/Playhouse/Shed combo retails at just £2983 – an absolute steal! For more information, please go to

For more info on paint and shutters, please look on our suppliers page.

Cretan Pots

cretan potsAlan wanted to get some stylish terracotta pots and urns for Maggie’s garden to really give a look of the mediterranean. The Terracotta Pot Company has the most beautiful range of Cretan terracotta pots and urns. Alan selected 3 large urns to place in the garden unplanted as a feature piece and they definitely looked show stopping.

The pots are made slowly with the larger ones taking several days to complete. The potter carefully adds height to the walls of each pot, then letting it dry, so allowing the finished height (up to a metre and beyond!) to be attained without the pot collapsing under its own weight!

They have a huge range of different sizes and styles starting from £48 for the small pots in Maggie’s garden for more info go to

olive-treesTo give Maggie’s garden the true mediterranean look, we couldn’t be without some mature olive trees. The pair are a real statement piece in her garden and will survive the Hull winter quite happily as Maggie’s garden is sheltered on all sides. We personalised the tree with lovely messages drawn onto hearts by Maggie’s friends and family. Villaggio Verde supply mature specimen olive trees of all shapes and sizes. They have everything you could possibly want; the best range of gnarly old and ancient olive trees right through to young Olive trees in wild or more formal styles.

The trees we selected retail at £475 each. For more information go to

Sahara Quartz Stone Cladding

sahara-quartz-stone-claddingTo hide the ugly concrete wall at Maggies’s and to make a feature of it, we used fantastic Norstone stone cladding. It’s a really quick way to completely change the look of a wall.

Norstone stone cladding Rock Panels are available in a selection of textures and four primary colors: the rustic, rugged appeal of Ochre Blend; the cool, subdued tones of Charcoal; the warm, mellow hues of Ivory Quartz; the sleek, contemporary styling of White Quartz and our new hot Sahara rock panels. The rock panels are handmade from  between 15 and 18 selected pieces of machine cut natural quartz  sedimentary rock and each panel is 100% unique in colour and design.

It costs from £75 per sq. m., which is much cheaper than building a new stone wall.

For more information please go to

Terracotta Tiles

terracotta tilesWe wanted to give an authentic look to the garden and so used Bradstone’s Tile Paving. It comes in 2 different shapes – square and diamond. We used both tiles near the house and just the square ones at the end of the garden to give a different look, but still retaining thee mediterranean look.

Its worn and weathered appearance, together with the rich and earthy terracotta shades call to mind the sun-drenched warmth of far-off climes. It is a fabulous surface to the garden which looks beautiful with the terracotta pots.

It retails from £55 per sq. m. For more information go to

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