Get The Look – Episode 1 Wednesday 21st June 2017


ASPIRE + Veranda (1)Alan and the team wanted Mark and his family to have a beautiful, large covered area which would allow Mark to use his hot tub in all weathers. These glass roof verandas are stylish, contemporary, and sturdy enough to withstand any kind of weather. They can be attached to the back or side of your home. Either way, the end result will be a luxurious, weatherproof canopy that allows you to spend more time outdoors!

ASPIRE + Veranda (3).JPGThe veranda in Mark’s garden is the Aspire+ veranda – with fewer support posts to get in the way of your view. Choose from three standard colours (Graphite Grey, Cream, and White) or request a customised RAL colour to ensure that your new veranda will match the rest of your garden’s decor.


For information on it and how to order, please go to



PORCELAIN PAVING (3) copyWe wanted to make a contemporary garden, using modern materials that would form something unique, so we asked Prima Porcelain if they could help as they sell a variety of attractive, high-quality indoor and outdoor porcelain tiles and porcelain paving slabs. Their stylish porcelain products look fantastic in any setting, and they’ll stay beautiful with practically zero maintenance.

PORCELAIN PAVING (1) copyPorcelain is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to stone patio tiles. Porcelain paving has a very low porosity, which means no stains, no water damage, and no need for sealing. Unlike traditional stone paving materials, the quality of our porcelain does not wear over time. Furthermore, porcelain tiles have a beautiful finish and come in a huge

assortment of colours and styles.

The colour we used was the Italian Limestone Vanilla 2cm Paving and 1cm paving slabs for the cladding and it retails at:

1cm Thick Tile £37.78 per m2

2cm thick paving slab = £50.28m2

For more information and how to order, please visit

Just to note that the charcoal and white decorative tiles used in Mark Ormrod’s garden on Love Your Garden episode 1 were from Topps Tiles’ exclusive Spaces outdoor range



MODENA FIRE TABLEMark loves being in the garden with his family and we thought it would be a great idea to extend their time in the garden when the sun goes down and the evening becomes a little chilly. So we installed a beautiful fire table from Rivelin.

The Modena blends modern manufacturing techniques and excellent design to deliver an outstanding, modern luxury gas fire table. As with all Rivelin gas fire tables, attention to detail is paramount resulting in unrivalled quality, specification and aesthetics.

At the centre of the Modena Gas fire table is Rivelin’s own 18kw burner which is available in propane LPG or Natural Gas, the same burner technology that powers the rest of the Rivelin range. It is wrapped by a stainless steel body which is then coated in one of 2 colours and complemented by a stunning granite table top.

Like all our gas fire tables the Modena is supplied with a stainless steel lid, and is designed and hand crafted by ourselves in Sheffield, UK.


The Modena fire table retails from £1495 inc. VAT, for more information and how to order, please visit



Contemporary Metal Garden Sculpture

Mark was a Royal Marine and obviously very proud of his service, we wanted to acknowledge this is in the garden, by turning to our old friends Decori. We wanted a contemporary take on the Royal Marines logo, and Decori very kindly beavered away and came up with a sketch, that we loved.

Decori is part of the CEL Group. They create decorative metal artwork, which is available to you directly through their online shop.

The CEL Group is a collection of long-established businesses that all have the laser-cutting and shaping of metal at their heart. For over a decade CEL has worked in industrial environments throughout the world, however, over this time they have also developed a reputation for working with leading London architects and interior designers to create bespoke metal pieces to adorn the finest homes and gardens in the UK. They still provide this service today through CEL Sheet metal.

Interior and exterior design schemes that incorporate industrial metal elements have continued to grow in popularity, however, until the launch of Decori in 2015, availability to the UK was limited.

Through the Decori online shop, you can order customised metal panels that not only work beautifully with your design theme, but that also perform a valuable purpose within your home as screens and partitions to transform an indoor or outdoor space.

Your Decorative metal panel can be hung on the wall creating an interesting and engaging focal point for your wall or indeed room – whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Our panels are also designed to be floor mounted making them a perfect solution to divide rooms, and for creating additional privacy.


This particular garden sculpture would retail at £980, please see for more info and a bespoke quote.



RESINBOND GRAVELMark has a concrete ramp leading to his patio door and a gravel path next to it at a lower level. The whole area looked untidy and wasn’t particularly practical. We wanted a surface that would not only look contemporary, was hard wearing and most importantly made good the two different levels.


So we turned to Addagrip, as they had an extensive range of colours. The one we chose was Lucerne Silver (3mm) in Addaset.

Addaset provides a smooth, contemporary, hard wearing and low maintenance, surface using a range of natural and recycled aggregates. The finished surface is a seamless bound paving system which is flexible and porous and perfect for both domestic and commercial use. Addaset is BBA certified.


The Lucerne Silver 3mm retails at £60 per square metre, for more information please visit



RESIN BOUND RUBBER CRUMB .JPGMark’s 3 children love nothing more than playing in the garden, so we decided to install a play area for them. Ideally climbing frames and swings should have a safety surface under them and we thought a resin bound rubber crumb would be ideal, in sapphire blue as a nod to the Sea and Mark’s naval connection. So we contacted Safer Surfacing.

Safer Surfacing is an exciting company that thrives on producing exceptionally useful products made from recycled materials.

With many years of experience within the tyre recycling industry, they have developed a way of recycling one of the world’s most difficult to dispose of waste materials. Their aim is to produce high quality products with the environment in mind. Which ticks the Love Your Garden Team’s box!

The Sapphire Blue resin bound rubber crumb retails at £65 per square metre For more info and how to order, please visit

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