Get The Look – Episode 8 Wednesday 16th August 2017

Africa Fire Globe – La Hacienda

Africa Fire Globe 2.JPGWe wanted the amazing team of keepers from Blackpool Zoo to have a fantastic area to sit, chat and keep warm at the same time. The Africa Fire Globe from La Hacienda is no ordinary outdoor fire, it’s a stunning globe which not only provides a focal point, but has incredible cut out silhouettes, bringing the heart of the African continent into the garden.

Stay comfortably warm for hours into the night by bringing the warmth of Africa right to the centre of your garden or patio. Conjuring scenes of the Serengeti, an Elephant and its calf wander trunk in tail while giraffes mingle amongst the acacia trees. 

Africa Fire Globe 1.JPG

The red glowing flames of a wood fire create amazing silhouettes, lighting the globe from inside the design jumps to life to resemble an impressive African sunset. If you’re looking for that ‘wow’ factor, look no further than these huge, majestic fire globes, constructed from 6mm thick oxidised steel with a sturdy cast iron stand.

The Africa Fire Globe retails at £1099 and is one of four beautiful designs from La Hacienda. La Hacienda are global experts in outdoor heating and garden décor. For more information, please go to


Old Rectory Circle, Walling and Driveway Setts – Global Stone Paving

Global Stone Paving 1.JPG

We wanted to inject some warmth into the keepers garden at Blackpool Zoo, especially as it was going to be in our Australasia part of the garden. The Old Rectory Collection remains a perennial favourite with its weathered mature appearance, offering a timeless elegance; ideal for classic and traditional garden designs.


We chose the warm Modak Rose colour, which really compliments the look of the garden. The Old Rectory Circle comes as a fabulous project pack and is simple to lay.

Global Stone Paving 2.JPGThis sandstone range is beautifully aged and comes in a range of colours in paving, cobbles, circles, pavers, copings and walling enabling you to create a unique period charm in your garden.

This specially weathered paving creates a mature appearance and comes in a wide range of beautiful colours. Perfect on its own or by creatively mixing it with our wider range of circles, cobbles, pavers or walling you can create a unique period charm in your garden.

The Old Rectory Circle retails at £535.19, Old Rectory Walling 270mmx100mm retails at £2.26 per block and the Driveway Setts retail at 53p each. For more information on how to order these or for more fabulous paving, please go to   



Bespoke Decorative Metal Screens – Decori

Metal Screens – Decori 1.JPGWe wanted to screen off the car park area of Blackpool Zoo, to give the keepers some privacy in their new garden. What better way to do this than with theses stunning bespoke decorative metal screens from Decori. They designed the jungly feel tropical leaf design, which works perfectly in the keeper’s global garden.

Decori decorative metal screens can be used throughout the home for a wide range of purposes.

Decorative metal privacy screens can be used effectively indoors or outdoors, creating amazing effects.

Metal Screens – Decori 2.JPG


They give enhanced privacy whilst still letting in light. For more enhanced privacy, they recommend using smaller repeated patterns.

Decori have a range of ready to buy screens as well as making bespoke ones.

The screens we used, retail at £295 per panel.

To order yours or for more designs and inspiration, please go to

Rowlinson Buckingham Gazebo – Garden Street

Rowlinson Buckingham Gazebo 1.JPGWe wanted the keepers to have somewhere to sit, sheltered from the rain or sunshine – so they can enjoy the garden in all weathers.

This stunning eight-sided timber gazebobecomes a showpiece in our keeper’s garden.  It is the ideal size to fit a furniture set allowing you to enjoy those warmer or wetter days in style. It is made of pressure treated timber and comes complete with a pressure treated floor.

Rowlinson Buckingham Gazebo 3.JPG

It has the following features: 

Natural Timber Finish

Half Lattice Trellis Panels

Easy To Follow Assembly Instructions

Post Thickness: 60mm x 60mm

The Rowlinson Buckingham Gazebo retails at £1,099.00 from Garden Street – who also have finance available for it from £19.93 per month

To order yours or to find other stunning garden products, please go to

Free Standing Flower Circles – Grange Fencing Ltd

Flower Circles 1.JPG


We wanted to give the keepers garden at Blackpool Zoo a stunning archway in the garden. These beautiful Free Standing Flower Circles not only create an elegant entrance, but can be used alone or with plants grown up them. We joined two of them together to create an amazing double archway.

The contemporary Flower Circle is constructed using two timber circles closely connected with stainless steel rods to create a sculptural archway. This versatile product can be used singularly or with multiples to create a stunning path that leads the eye through your garden.



Flower Circles 2.JPG


The dimensions are 2.26m x 2.31m x 270mm and they are made from pressure treated timber.

The Free Standing Flower Circles retail at £437.00 each.

To order yours or for more wonderful garden features, please go to

Harmony Rainbow Sandstone Fountain Water Feature Kit – Water Features 2 Go

Water Features 2 Go 1.JPGHarmony Rainbow Sandstone Fountain Water Feature Kit

Water Features 2 Go 2.JPG






The Harmony Rainbow Sandstone Fountain retails at £799.98.

To order yours or for more amazing water features, please go to





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