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Alan and the team wanted David’s area of the garden to have a modern theme with benches made from a reclaimed hardwood called Oroka “floating” in a box hedge. We therefore needed to install an instant hedge – so we turned to Hedges Direct – Trading online for over 12 years, they are a specialist supplier of hedging, shrubs, pleached trees, topiary, turf and living screens. With decades of experience in the horticultural industry and a culture firmly focused on quality and service, they are able to supply specimen plants for any size project, all with an industry leading delivery turnaround. Their diverse range of hedging incorporates both deciduous and evergreen species, including hedging packs endorsed by the National Trust. Hedges Direct supply millions of plants every year and enough mixed native hedging to cover 100km (enough to hedge Wembley Stadium 370 times!).

The instant hedge comes in troughs which are 30/40cm high & 50cm long and retail at £34.99, please visit for more info and how to order



Continuing the modern theme in David’s area, we wanted to construct the raised borders here in a contemporary material, knowing the Manchester climate can be a tad damp occasionally we racked our brains to think of a material that would actually look better when exposed to the damp conditions and we all agreed that Corten Steel was the obvious answer. Alan and his team turned to Paneltech – a family run business specialising in the design, manufacture and installation of bespoke garden and landscaping schemes in CorTen, powder coated and galvanised steel and aluminium. They can supply individual planters, raised beds and terracing as well as decorative and sculptural pieces.

We gave them a plan of our gardens and they pre-fabricated the borders in their factory and dutifully brought them up in their vans overnight and even helped us install them for us! This helped us focus on other areas of the garden, which was a real blessing as we were up against the clock on this build!

The raised bed planter scheme for The Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital was constructed from Weathering steel and the ‘list’ cost would have been £7250.00 + VAT.

For more information on how to get a bespoke or off the shelf corten steel designed and constructed for your garden, please go to



Our brief was to create secluded spaces but not too secluded as this is a public space after all.

We therefore decided upon diaphanous screening and Decori very kindly beavered away and came up with a sketch, that we loved. Decori is part of the CEL Group. They create decorative metal artwork, which is available to you directly through their online shop.

The CEL Group is a collection of long-established businesses that all have the laser-cutting and shaping of metal at their heart.

For over a decade CEL has worked in industrial environments throughout the world, however, over this time they have also developed a reputation for working with leading London architects and interior designers to create bespoke metal pieces to adorn the finest homes and gardens in the UK. They still provide this service today through CEL Sheet metal.

Interior and exterior design schemes that incorporate industrial metal elements have continued to grow in popularity, however, until the launch of Decori in 2015, availability to the UK was limited.

Through the Decori online shop, you can order customised metal panels that not only work beautifully with your design theme, but that also perform a valuable purpose within your home as screens and partitions to transform an indoor or outdoor space.

Your Decorative metal panel can be hung on the wall creating an interesting and engaging focal point for your wall or indeed room – whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Our panels are also designed to be floor mounted making them a perfect solution to divide rooms, and for creating additional privacy.

The metal screens retail for £275.00. This particular garden sculpture would retail at £6500, please see  for more info and a bespoke quote.



For Alan’s area, we wanted to create a calming seating area for people to relax and enjoy. As such, we created a hexagon patio area complete with garden benches and surrounded by trees. We required a paving product that would be suitably long-lasting for an area of high footfall but would also provide a contemporary elegance to the outdoor space. We selected the Mode Profiled Paving in Dark Grey from Bradstone to give the garden a stylish finish. Mode Profiled isa range of beautiful porcelain paving that has a fine riven texture featuring mica crystals which will create interest and sparkle to the seated area.

Bradstone’s porcelain paving is formed by baking a mixture of clay, sand and other minerals in a high-temperature kiln, producing an exceptionally dense material. It is impactful whilst being incredibly durable and non-porous. This means the paving is exceptionally hard-wearing; something not always synonymous with porcelain. Plus, with scratch and stain resistant qualities, it’s perfect for patio areas and for pairing with garden furniture to produce a stunning outdoor space.

The Mode Profiled paving retails at £60-£70m². Bradstone is a market leader in manufacturing and supplying garden landscaping products. The all-encompassing product range includes concrete, porcelain and natural stone paving, driveway block paving and landscaping features such as walling and steps. For further information and to download a brochure and order a free sample, visit



We needed a neat solution that could go down fast to the hardstanding areas, as Alan and his team would be tied up for long periods of time on the more traditional ways of paving.

So we turned to Addagrip, as they had an extensive range of colours, who sent along RBS (Resin Bonded Surfacing Limited).The one we chose was 10mm Golden Beach in Terrabase Rustic.

Terrabase Rustic provides a smooth, contemporary, hard wearing and low maintenance, surface using a range of natural and recycled aggregates. The finished surface is a seamless bound paving system which is flexible and porous and perfect for both domestic and commercial use. This can be laid straight upon a hardcore base and can be used in conservation areas where no ‘dig’ is required.

The Golden Beach 10mm retails at £60 – £80 (inc VAT) per square metre, for more information please visit or for more details


We wanted to inject some colour in to the garden and sometimes plants alone are not enough, so we turned to Europlanters, (who are incidentally very local to the hospital), who’s vibrant planters fitted the brief perfectly. Their Cylinder planter range comes in a wide variety of diameters and heights, making them perfect to fit any space, indoors or out.
As they are made from lightweight GRP, even the largest sizes are easily positioned.

They are available in any colour (even the most obscure) in matt, satin or gloss finishes. The ones we used in the garden were 600mm high 1000mm diameter (471 litres in volume – so perfect for large specimen trees or shrubs to create a focal point in your garden).

Each cylinder retails at £550 Inc VAT

Please go for more information and how to order

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