Get The Look – Episode 3 Tuesday 24th September 2019

Pavestone – Slimsett Anthracite

For Jack’s garden the team wanted to give him Derbyshire in a pint pot. Along with the slate paving we wanted to create the feeling of water through the garden. The Slimsett Anthracite by Pavestone did the trick and not only compliments the slate but you can create beautiful curves with the setts.

As Jack and his wife both use mobility scooters the slate paving and Slimsett was prefect for them. It is smooth enough for the scooters and has enough grip for them when they are walking around the garden.

Pavestone has three options with this type of sett paving which means you can achieve different styles within your own garden.

To find out more you can visit their website on the link below.

Price: £30 per square metre (At time of filming Summer 2019)



Primrose – Babbling Basalt Fountain

The sound of water should be in every garden. The relaxing sound as you sit and enjoy your outdoor space and take time for yourself. This is what we wanted to do for Jack in the garden and to keep with the theme of a miniature Derbyshire, we added this beautiful babbling Basalt fountain from Primrose.

The stone of this water feature really complimented the other materials and fitted so well into the garden. We positioned the feature so it could be viewed from the garden building but hear from all around the space.

The robust construction of the fountain will ensure that it will stand the test of time. As it is made from natural materials, no two fountains will look the same. The product comes as a kit form and is so simple to install.

To find out more and to see what else Primrose can offer please go to the link below

Price: £549.99 (At time of filming, Summer 2019)




Rowlinson Garden Products – Gainsborough Gazebo

Jack and his wife needed somewhere to sit and enjoy their new garden and we wanted to give them something along the lines of a classical style. But as the garden was on the small side, we didn’t want to install a huge building that would dominate the space.

The team wanted something that would give the couple shelter and a place to relax outside, but still feel open and airy. At Rowlinson Garden products they produce this beautiful Gainborough Gazebo. It has a feeling of a mini bandstand with its open sides and pitched roof. There is enough space inside for the couple to sit and view their new garden with a cuppa in hand.

The Gainsborough is supplied as a complete kit comprised of one solid full height and two solid half height infill panels as well as four half trellis panels.

To find out more and to see the amazing product form Rowlinson, please click on the link below.

Price: £1299 (Price at time of filming, summer 2019)



Supersize Print

Large photographic & art prints, or high quality commercial work requiring stunning definition and realism when viewed up close. Unique to supersize print is the UK’s first 7 colour (includes light cyan, magenta and grey in addition to the standard 4 colours CYMK) UV curing printer giving unrivalled realism to tones and blends in your photos and artwork, with excellent colour accuracy and depth of colour. The inks that are highly durable outdoors as well as in, not requiring any form of lamination in nearly all but the most extreme cases.

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