Get The Look – Episode 1 – 25th February 2020



Erica had a need for some quiet time in part of the garden but didn’t want to completely block out her neighbour or the sunlight, so we were thrilled when British family business, Screen with Envy, offered to supply us with their oh so stylish but practical, premium thickness, corten steel garden screens. Virtually maintenance free they came supplied with posts and a wall fixing kit and were simple & easy to install.  They also offer free next day delivery.  What’s not to love!


Click on the link below for details of their varied, maintenance free product range




water baldes 2.JPG



There is nothing like the sound of water in a garden to create atmosphere, whether it’s a soothing trickle to help you relax or a stimulating roar to help deaden the sound of traffic.  We wanted to give Erica a stylish but simple to maintain water feature that would also look good on the feature wall as well as a wildlife pond for Harri and the grandchildren.  Maidenhead Aquatics, the UK’s leading aquatics retailer, with over 160 stores throughout the UK, stepped in to help, donating not only Oase’s non rust stainless steel waterfall blades, but also all the pond lining and pond plants to enable us to create the perfect water feature and wildlife pond for the family to enjoy


To see the full range of products offered by Maidenhead Aquatics or to find your local store please click on the link below:-





A low maintenance garden was a very important requirement for Erica and her family and we were delighted when Pavestone donated not only stone paving and a beautiful stone bench but also the porcelain cladding for the water feature wall.


We used natural stone from Pavestone’s Tudor range for paving Erica’s area as it’s designed to give an instant established feel.  You can also use this versatile product for flooring inside the house above underfloor heating!

water blades 3



The beautiful Burford stone bench is practical as well as elegant and designed to fit in small spaces without making the area feel cramped.


Installing the porcelain cladding on the water feature wall was simplicity itself.  No pointing needed, just bonding straight onto the wall; a great way of transforming featureless plain areas into exciting focal points.  If you don’t have a wall you can do what we did, build one using cheap concrete blocks & clad them with this product.  This type of cladding can also be used inside and outside the house and is a sure fire winner!


For more details of these products and all other items offered by Pavestone please click on the link below:-







Low maintenance was another important requirement for Erica so she and Harri could spend precious moments enjoying the garden together.  In view of this we decided to gravel a large area of the garden but wanted to make sure it remained firm under foot and didn’t move around.  Core Landscape Products came to the rescue with a generous donation of their gravel stabiliser grids.


Here’s what they have  to say about their product:-


‘Gravel is one of the most attractive, economical and versatile surfaces on earth. But without help, it’s inclined to move around, creating ridges and ending up where it shouldn’t. We have the perfect solution. Our stabilising cellular grids create a naturally porous base into which gravel sits – and stays! It’s easy to lay, inexpensive and very, very attractive.

CORE Path gravel stabiliser grid makes gravel suitable for; wheelie bins, wheel barrows, pedestrians, bicycles and much, much more. Our Gravel path grid is very easy to install and is perfect for patios and garden paths’.


We were doubly delighted as the grids also had a porous membrane attached to keep the weeds at bay!


For more information about the grids and all the other products offered by Core Landscape Products please click on the link below:-







We wanted to give Erica and Harri a large decked patio area with enough room to comfortably seat all their family and link the front part of the garden with the back and, thanks to Dino Decking, we were able to do just that.  Their kind donation of non-slip composite decking boards meant that we could create decked areas at either end of the garden as well as a safe, stylish walkway to link the two areas and using the same product throughout helped unify the overall design


Dino Decking’s composite boards come with a 10 year warranty and are made from recycled wood and plastic in a wide range of colours.  They’ll even send you a free sample pack.  Here are some of their benefits:-


  • Low maintenance
  • Won’t rot, mould or splinter
  • Non-slip
  • No visible screws or fixings
  • Stain resistant
  • Weather resistant


For more information on their products please click on the link below:-

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