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9 comments on “Inspirational Locations

  1. Hello Alan and your team.
    We see all your love your garden programs, and Wish you could come to Denmark and make gardenmakeover in our garden. Wood it be fun, to make a Danish garden?
    We have a Ground on 2000 m2. We have startet on a pond, but it is not finish and the fish are still in an old pond we have.
    We have try in many years to make a Nice garden, but it is NOT AS we thought.
    You schould be so velcomme here.
    My husbond Are 58 and i am 62 and we live in a little town Dronningmølle about 60 km north from Copenhagen.

  2. Hello Alan and team members. My wife and I watched all the season 1 episodes on Netflix. We live in Canada and have asked Netflix to add more seasons and episodes. You are doing a very wonderful thing for people. Thank you for all that you do to brighten the lives of families.

  3. I want to apply for a garden makeover, I have read the application forms but cannot find the address to post or e mail them to. Please can you help? Thanks

  4. My now husband got ok me on with 5 children and has given us the most amazing life , e has put my son through university and spent all his savings on providing for us ……our garden is the last thing that needs doing and I would love to nominate him …to say thank you for all the hours he works to provide for us

  5. Hi Im writing on behalf of my neighbours and our communal garden.We were “given”this garden for the exclusive use of the 8 houses on my side of the street. We have 3 picknic/bbq areas. Over the years however we have been plagued by a sycamore tree sited out side our garden and so have what seems like hundereds of sycamore saplings which have become unmanagable. Since we began the garden I have lost my husband through cancer 3 of us are either nudging 70 or have actually nudged it. This only leaves 1 neighbour a retired policeman and his wife who are fit and able to do the heavy work ! As the garden is used daily by 4 generations I was hoping we could be considered for your programe so we can save the garden from the sycamore and make it easy to manage by us pensioners !

  6. I know like the comment above mine there are families that might need it more than mine, but I would like to apply for my mum, my mum had a back operation last year and she can maybe plant some flowers but afterwards her back hurts, my dad is away about Monday to Wednesday’s and sometimes Fridays at a factory and can’t help with the Garden, my Great Uncle passed away about a month ago and when my Grandad passed away he was one of the few people that helped my dad and my nan out and my dad was quite sad, our garden is an ok size but it only looks ok too,one of my sister’s is away at uni and our other one doesn’t live with us, I’m 12 and my brother is 8, I have gone through a really bad case of anxiety and normally my family need to just calm down and relax. Please help us to ‘re-vamp’ our garden

  7. I would like to apply for my mum and dad to have their garden re vamped because of the following situations; my mum and dad lost a baby, my brothers twin. When my brother died we planted a tree in his memory in the garden. Each year the tree would bloom and would remind us of him. Last month my mums tree which would be coming up for 14 years old had rotted and had to be disposed of, my mum was absolutely distraught and felt it was her fault and that in a way part of his memory had disappeared. The graveyard of which my brother is buried is frequently vandalised and very poorly maintained so visiting there does not bring comfort nor remembrance. I would like a garden for my parents of which they could sit and remember there son as well as having a garden to be proud of. My parents garden is of a fair size and just pure grass therefore they tend to not spend time out there due to it having no character. My dad had a motorbike accident in his early 20’s which has left him in a poor state of health so he hasn’t been able to have the capability of making there ‘picture’ garden become a reality. My mum 4years ago at the young age of 42 got diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis so she is unable to do such work in the garden but she does enjoy doing her pot plants and hanging baskets. Doing my parents garden would not just bring happiness but relaxation and remembrance. I know there are family’s out there who probably deserve it more but to me my parents deserve the best they can get. Thanks for reading.

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