Inspirational Locations – Episode 1 Tuesday 27th August 2019

Alan visited the beautiful Westbrooke House to show that the best way to make the most of a space is to create journeys within it.

Within the 6 acres of gardens there are many different areas with very distinctive feels – from a contemporary garden through to a traditional parterre walled garden.

In the spectacular walled garden the parterre design is as much about the pathways as the beds as each defines the other. The paths all link together creating an endless number of possibilities of ways to walk around the space to admire all the beds from different angles and approaches. The beds are crisply defined with edging and low box hedging, but filled with statement planting of large blocks of colour and height, and there is a glorious contrast between the neat clipped box and the billowing flowers within it.

Outside the walled garden there is a more tranquil and relaxed corner where grass has been allowed to grow tall to create the romance of a summer meadow – here the mown paths through it show that you don’t need to landscape your garden to be able to explore it, and the natural feel of grass underfoot helps maintain the sense of a remote and secret space that is very calming.


Further afield and the large lawn is edged by a line of tall pleached hornbeams. The regular spacing of the trees creates a strong statement, and while the trained canopies create screening, they also create a feature pathway that is a pleasure to walk through, while the tree trunks create windows on the garden beyond.


There is a lot more to see in this garden including a block planted contemporary garden and magical woodland – a glorious space.

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