Inspirational Locations – Episode 3 Tuesday 24th September 2019

Alan and his team greatly enjoyed visiting the Derbyshire garden of Wharfdale for inspiration.

Wharfedale, a beautiful plot with over 500 varieties and rare specimens inspired the team by many of its features.

For centuries the greats of garden design has been mimicking landscapes.

One of the great features of Wharfdale is their use of shape, streams, boulders, moongate and planting to create a Japanese paradise.

Wharfdale reveals that through careful and considered landscaping and planting it is possible to create a much larger landscape.

The team aspire to create a miniature landscape and view through many means.

One of the many ways Wharfdale inspires is also through its murals, a feature they hope to replicate to then be framed by the rest of the garden.

The transformation aspires to include water features, Derbyshire planting.

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