Inspirational Locations – Episode 2 Tuesday 3rd September 2019

Alan visited a surprising garden in Nottingham to see how to create a space that felt in perfect balance with nature – just wild enough to feel as though you have reclaimed the space, but with plenty of clever design tricks to make it into a gorgeous garden that taps into the healing power of nature.

The garden is on a steep slope, and has been divided into terraces retained by beautifully curving brick walls linked by curving paths through the space. The curves give a natural feel to the garden and you definitely feel as though you are wandering through the space on a journey of discovery.

The paths and walls are all made from reclaimed materials which give the impression that the garden has been three for an age, rather than being newly created, and clever planting helps give the impression that there is a fine balance here between man and nature. Planting in between the steps, softens the space and the mixture of planting that overtakes the beds and tumbles over the walls all make the garden feel as though nature is taking over – hugging the space.

The space is further given a wilderness feel thanks to the climbers on the walls, the green roof on the shed and the mixed hedging around the boundaries – and an old tree has been pruned to reveal it’s gnarled and aged trunks.

There are plenty of small cosy seating areas in the garden, and little windows to give you a glimpse of the garden, and invite you to explore this magical space.

This garden is a perfect example of how to create a balance between nature and the built environment to feel at one with the world and to be given one glorious green hug.

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