Inspirational Locations – Episode 1 Wednesday 21st June 2017


image2In this episode, Alan visited a stunning Tropical garden down in Torquay right on the South Coast of England.

Designed and created by owner Dr. Maciej Pomian-Srzednicki, he made good use of the micro-climate his sloping garden sat within, and grew a tropical ‘Southern Comfort’ garden full of tree ferns, bananas, agaves and other exotic planting.image1

Over the 20 years he has been at the house, he has turned the 40-metre sloping garden into a slice of the Mediterranean which he is immensely proud of – there are sections of the garden including the woodland area, a pond, and a damp area of the garden which truly hold some comparisons to a rainforest.

For more information on Maciej and his beautiful garden please visit:

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