Inspirational Locations – Episode 3 Wednesday 12th July 2017

In this episode Alan visits the beautiful Shepherd’s Cottage, a garden so packed with love – it can’t help but make you feel good. It was built and designed by Ann-Marie Powell, and Alan met with the owner and keen gardener, Jackie.

image1       image2

Built on a slope near Chichester, the garden is divided into several areas linked together by a gentle winding path, each area offers you something to make your heart sing.

image3       image4

At the bottom end, the soft pink palette of the wild flower meadow and informal orchard, evokes the romance of any Mills and Boon novel. It’s a spot to sit and relax away from the cares of the world and revel in nature and wildlife.

image5       image6

Further up the slope there is passion to be found in the generous beds around the terrace, rammed with flowers in a brilliant vibrant and brave colour scheme that changes over the seasons.

image7       image8

Working your way around the house there is a cosy and sheltered dining area – with abundant planting at head height as you sit, you can’t help but feel warm and comforted.

image9                                image10

At the top of the garden is a magical woodland, sheltered under the dappled shade of some silver birches, is light and fluffy planting reminiscent of a fairy dell, and perfect for young Honey who had made her own attempt to create a fairy garden. It has the feeling of a hidden retreat where you can enjoy the calm, or whisper and share secrets.

The garden is open under the National Garden Scheme.

And you can find out more about garden designer Ann-Marie Powell here:

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