Inspirational Locations – Episode 5 Wednesday 26th July 2017

In search of artistic inspiration from the countryside, Alan visited the stunning garden at Fairlight End, in East Sussex. This is a modern garden set in the weald, that celebrates nature. He spoke with its owners, photographer, Robin Hutt and her husband, Chris.IMG_0527.JPG

The garden was in part designed by Ian Kitson, who used fabulous curves in Corten steel to help level out the garden. Both the curvaceous design, and the naturalistic colour in a modern material were great inspiration for the artist’s garden that Alan wanted to to create for Jack. Throughout the garden, height is brought in using garden structures, perfect for climbers to scramble up in the summer months, but that double as beautiful standalone modern sculpture in the winter.IMG_0528.JPG


IMG_0529.JPGAway from the more formal part of the garden, there was a wild and wonderful wild flower meadow, filled with rustling grasses whose movement and colour couldn’t but help inspire any artist. And at the end of the garden is a beautiful and calming pond, surrounded by tall elegant rushes that bob gracefully in the wind, causing wonderful reflections in the rippling water.




The garden is a delight in which to lose yourself, and see beauty all around from the tiniest details of individual flowers and seed heads,  to the broad brush strokes of colourful beds, and wild romantic slopes overlooking the ancient Sussex landscape. 



The garden is open to visit through the ngs scheme. You can find more details on



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