Inspirational Locations – Episode 7 Wednesday 9th August 2017

In tonight’s episode of Love Your Garden in Hythe, Alan visits an absolutely wonderful garden owned by retired Doctor’s, Mike and Judy, who decided to build an unbelievable woodland garden; built in part for their young grandchildren to love, cherish and enjoy as they grow up.


The garden has the very apt name ‘Spiral Hills and Secret Paths’, as it is a large plot with many hidden, beautiful elements, including a wondrous Spiral Hill – which the garden designers, Mark Payne Landscape Design, were extremely proud of upon completion. The grandchildren adore the garden, and particularly love the elements created just for them. The climbing frame and rope tree-top walkway are amongst the playful features of the garden. For which, Mark Payne and the team collaborated with Treehouse Life Ltd, and explored the vision and passion of Paul Cameron to create.


This is a children’s paradise of a garden, and truly something I am sure we all wish our grandparents had when we were growing up. Three generations of the family have now cherished and enjoyed the treetop wonderland – so it was truly an investment into the future. 



The planting is perfectly placed and carefully selected throughout the garden, In order to fill the garden with perfumes and colour, while still in keeping with the gardens woodland, evergreen feel. This is truly a garden which can be enjoyed all year round, and from perennials to Evergreens, Mark Payne Landscape Design ensured there would always be a strong plant presence in the garden. 


While it has been over ten years since the team designed and created the garden, they have an ongoing relationship with the owners in order to keep the garden looking vibrant and fresh – and they recently planted five mulberry trees which are now impressive, mature specimens lending the garden its essential character.



If you would like Mark Payne and the team to design your woodland wonderland, or any other dream garden, please click on the link below to explore their practice. Mark, Elaine and the whole team are an absolute delight to work with, and clearly have a great passion for what they do.


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