Inspirational Locations – Episode 5 Tuesday 21st August 2018

Today we visited Stoneleigh Down, located in a village just outside of Bristol, redesigned by its current owners, John and Su in 2014. Although you’d never know it, John actually considered himself to be a bit of a novice gardener before he designed the garden at Stoneleigh Down. Before he set to work the garden was very much a blank canvas, and so he brought lots of cuttings from his previous garden and got started. The garden before he moved in was divided into two parts with a hedge – John decided to link these two parts with an ‘s’ shaped lawn, as well as linking it with the other gardens he created that cleverly all need his attention at different times of the year; from a summer garden, winter garden, spring garden, acer glade woodland and a wild-life pond.

This simple, yet bold garden provided us with lots of ideas for Irene’s, from using a pond and a tree as focal points, with sun-ray-shaped paths bringing you to the centre.

Stoneleigh Down will be open to the public on the 1st and 2nd of September 2018.

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