Inspirational Locations Episode 1 – 25th February 2020

Ian, a garden designer by trade, has cleverly transformed his personal garden into a stunning, leafy retreat for humans and wildlife alike. The unique, elegant water feature – a water wall with a pipe system cascading water into an urn – provides a sanctuary for birds and amphibians, as well as providing the entry to the garden with a soothing, audible backdrop.


Further into the garden, through a gate,large shrubs and small trees, including birches and bamboo provides shelter for the carpet of woodland ferns and the animals and insects that live there. Following the path through the garden, another water feature, a stream springing out from a gurgling rock, provides the wildlife with another watering hole.



The boardwalk through the garden makes for a beautiful transition between design and wildlife, transforming into a bridge as you move further into the space, culminating with a beautiful, terracotta-roofed cabin, within which the sounds of the surrounding world completely disappears and makes for a wonderful, serene escape.















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