Inspirational Locations Episode 4 – 17th March 2020

Alan visited this urban garden to showcase how one can create a quiet, private outdoor space, despite living in the city. The back garden contains a wide range of horticultural delights, tropical plants, bamboo, palms, bananas and cannas makes it feel more like a tropical oasis than south London.







Joe and Alex are the owners of the garden and have over the past six years undertaken a remarkable transformation of their outdoor space. Beyond creating a beautiful, relaxing space, gardening has had a significantly positive effect on Joe’s mental health, who suffers from PTSD.








Opting for low maintenance ‘architectural’ plants, the shrubs and trees, in particular the bamboos planted around the fencing, serve as a barrier both to the sounds of the street as well as the wind, creating an intimate, vibrant space. The back garden has been terraced with wide wooden steps, taking you to the various sections of the garden, such as the eco spa tub and the patio area, taking you past colourful plants such as Begonia Firecrackers and beautifully plant covered fences on the way.








The front of the house, whilst a stark contrast to the rear, is also rather easy on the eye, with the meandering wooden path to the front door nestled in between a colourful and interesting mix of annuals, perennials and a stunning collection of dahlias, all together reminiscent of a countryside cottage garden.







This tropical paradise is open to visitors through the NGS:


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