Meet the Team!

Welcome to a new series of Love Your Garden, reuniting the horticultural talents of Alan Titchmarsh, David Domoney, Frances Tophill and Katie Rushworth.

Alan Titchmarsh

Alan Titchmarsh on ITV's Love Your Garden

Alan Titchmarsh

Almost certainly Britain’s best loved horticulturalist, Alan has had a career in broadcasting spanning over 5 decades.

After five years editing gardening books and magazines Alan took the bull by the horns and became a freelance writer and broadcaster, making his first appearance on BBC Nationwide in 1979. BBC Breakfast Time followed, as did Pebble Mill, and Gardeners’ World  in 1996.

Alan has also written over 40 gardening books, 10 novels and two volumes of autobiography. 2013 saw Alan celebrate 30 years of presenting the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.


David Domoney

David Domoney is a celebrated Horticulturalist, garden designer and landscaper. He has presented gardening on ITV for two decades for over 10 different shows.

He is a Chartered Horticulturalist and is both Fellow and Ambassador of the Chartered Institute of Horticulture. David sits on the RHS Commercial Board and is also a Governor for the London Colleges of Horticulture.

This year he was chosen by His Royal Highness Prince Edward to receive the Award for Excellence in Horticulture. David has won 30 horticultural medals for garden design, floral displays and science exhibits at the RHS shows including gold and best in category trophies at Chelsea Flower Show.

He is also the resident gardening presenter on ITV’s flagship show This Morning – a role he has now held for over a decade. David writes expert growing pages in every issue of Grow Your Own Magazine and also has a weekly double page spread on gardening in The Sunday Mirror.

David founded the Cultivation Street campaign, supporting communities and schools gardening together, he also founded the Young Gardeners of the Year competition in association with the Princes Foundation, supporting and showcasing new British talent in landscaping and garden design.

Follow David on twitter at @DavidDomoney, Facebook at @DavidDomoneyTV, Instagram at @Daviddomoney or Pinterest at @daviddomoney or check out his website at



Frances Tophill

Hailing from Deal in Kent, Frances, graduated with a BSc in Horticulture with Plantsmanship from the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh. Since filming the last series, Frances has been busy working on a new book, aimed at people buying their first property with a garden.

Presenting  ITV’s Love Your Garden was Frances’ first TV role and she joined the show in 2012, travelling the country with the rest of the team transforming the gardens of some very deserving people.

Frances’ role is predominantly plant-based, working in the garden throughout the whole construction of the site and lending a helping hand with the landscaping when it is needed.

It is a hugely exciting opportunity for Frances who before this hadn’t ever really given TV presenting a second thought.

“Initially I got an email at college about the series and a bunch of us thought it sounded like a good excuse to go and have a weekend in London.” explains Frances.   “I never expected to hear anything, but then I got called for a second screen test and waited to hear.  I was actually in the pub with some friends when the call came in to say I’d got the job – so we had an instant celebration there and then”.

Frances’ favourite bit of a garden build is creating the blank canvas in order to begin planting up the new garden, and thinks the most dramatic transformation last series was the last show from Cumbria.


Katie Rushworth

Katie hails from just up the road from Alan, in Baildon, West Yorkshire and has been a full-time self employed garden designer for the last eight years.

When not filming for Love Your Garden, Katie is working hard designing and building gardens for private clients with her business Queen of Spades. She is also passionate about empowering people to have the confidence to design, plant and maintain their own gardens so has recently just set up a garden mentor programme in which she works alongside her clients imparting her knowledge and teaching them the skills required to create their own Love your Garden inspired outdoor spaces.

Love your Garden was Katies first TV role in 2011 and since then she has also presented alongside Alan for two series of  ITVs ‘Love your Home and Garden’ Katie also designs gardens and presents on a Norweigian gardening show. ‘Tid for Hage’ And last year published her first book “Plants beds and borders’’

Her love of design, enthusiasm for plants and keen eye for detail is something she knows in invaluable in her line of work and she loves it!! “I really do love my job, I get to design spaces that bring people joy and fill them with things that look gorgeous!’

This year Katie completes a two year long building project of her own converting an old barn in the Yorkshire countryside into what she describes as being her families dream home. ‘’I just can’t wait to get stuck into the garden – I want the house and garden to blend seamlessly into the landscape but the pressure of doing my own garden is huge – “I just love plants and want them all, but that can easily lead to a jumbled mess of a design” “Its just so hard to pick”.

It seems like a lifetime ago that a chance comment from a friend at college lead to Katie landing the job on Love Your Garden. “at last count I think we had built nearly 60 gardens on the show!!’ They are always hard work, but also incredibly rewarding and I get to build them with my great friends Alan, David and Frances. ‘Whats not to love!’’

Follow Katie on Twitter at queenofspades00

Insta: thequeenofspades00

Facebook: @katiequeenofspades

Berry Landscapes Ltd


Berry Landscapes Ltd is a family run landscape construction business based in the South East of England. We have been incredibly privileged to work with Alan and ITV’s Love Your Garden team, we’re RHS Chelsea medalists and have had the opportunity to work on some really great projects over the years. Please visit our website portfolio for further examples of our work. We’re fully insured and CHAS accredited, pride ourselves upon our award winning craftsmanship and determined work ethic. If you need any more information please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Paragon Landscapes 



26 comments on “Meet the Team!

  1. Hi I was wondering if you could please help I’ve 3 boys who are all classes as disabled my eldest is 13 and has severe to moderate learning difficulties with behaviour problems also suffers panic and anxiety attacks my 10 year old is visually impaired nystagmus stigmatise hypotonia adhd autism global developmental delay and sleep problems and my youngest is 4 who’s been diagnosed with autism sleep problems blind in one eye global developmental delay sensory processing disorder. Out garfem is terrible and dangerous and the kids love being outside could you please help us xxx

  2. Hi I work in a school for additional needs and we are desperately in need of a make over for our garden. Our head teacher has applied to your programme but has heard nothing back from you. Please please we need your help,we have a great network of parents and staff who would be willing to help. Carol watson

  3. With reference to the Chandlers Ford episode of Love Your Garden.I do hope your garden team realise what they are doing in planting not one but three silver birch trees. A neighbouring garden to ours has a very mature birch which is absolutely enormous. Every year, it sheds its tiny little flowers when the weather turns warm, which are blown on the slightest of breezes straight through open windows. My other neighbour planted three birches which succumbed to winter storms, but not before they had interfered with our radio signal. Please garden experts think about the impact these three wretched birches will have on this poor unsuspecting family and choose a much more sensible tree or large shrub. I would never ever entertain planting such a tree in my garden. As a foot note, why do you plant species that you know are great self seeders, leaving the poor families the onerous chore of having to spend hours pulling out the unwanted seedlings. I am sure as gardeners you surely could plant some much more appropriate plants.

  4. Hi can you do a lady called Maggie a garden shes someone that has been there for me a lot and helped me with through a lot and I’d like to just say a thank you back. She wants it very tropical and nice but the kind of garden that you don’t have to look after the plants a lot but I’d like it as a surprise
    Thanks harrison

  5. My partner who lives alone was in the army 20years ago . He was given injections when he was abroad which took the use of his legs and limbs he his now confined to a wheel chair . Several years ago he paid builders to come in to alter the lay out of his house and garden saw he could get around easier and sit in his garden on the days he wasnt able to get out due to the severe pain he suffers from quite often . These builders never completed the work they left both his house and garden in a disgrace saw hes not able to get out at al into the garden . I was hope in ude beable to help plz .

  6. Hello eban here my mum is stressed about her garden and patio becouse it is a bit of a mess so chould you plis help us out

  7. Hello alan iam inneed of a garden make over my hubby has had a brain hemorage n 2 heart attacks pluss lots of other things i would like some thing where can just sit n chill n not worry as he isso tired all the time i try to some things myself but struggle please cann you helpi dont have alot of money my house has got a lot of historry behinde it it was donated by the kink of sweden in 1947 it a little village in hayton cumbtia hope you can help please let me no A S P

  8. How refreshing to see that people still get great joy in working with nature. Who could ask for anything more, when given such a wonderful opportunity to work with nature rather than against it?

  9. Marie stewart. Hello ive been looking after my six year old granson, since he was four weeks old. Hes had been let down so much in six years. By the people who meant to love and care for you the most. But no matter what he is always so happy. Nothing seems to get him down. He also has autism but he always has the biggest smile. He loves ninja warriors, and he is always asking me to build him a ninja warrior course in my back garden, but can never find the time. I would love, it if some one could help me make his dream come true. I know he would love it to. As i am so proud of him. And would love to show him how very much. I would love it if some one could help me do this. Thank you, Id also like to say my granson and myself think your show is great.

  10. I saw your programme on 19th July when you interviewed an old friend that I have lost contact with – Penny Marshall – is there any way you can put us in touch with one another please?

  11. Good Afternoon I have seen your programme “Love Your Garden” and I wondered if you could help me with my request. My mum who is 77 years old needs her garden made lovely for her and one that’s easy to look after as she is in very poor health and is unable to do this herself. I work full time so it is rather difficult for me to do it and when I see some of the gardens that your team Alan and yourself have done I do get quite emotional and would really love something nice done for my poorly mum as I love her so. She lives in Cowplain in Waterlooville in Hampshire. My name is Lindy McFarlane and I myself live in Fareham on my own. My contact no is 01329 233053 (Work) or 07525850198, perhaps you would be kind enough to forward me any information to let me know what I have to do . I wish I had a garden but I live in a flat and to share her garden with her would be truly a dream come true. Thank you xx

  12. Hello i would like to know more about alan and the team sorting my girlfriends garden out for her she lives on her own and her health is gradually getting too much to able to cope with the hard a easy style garden easy to maitain would be better for her . She lives in carmarthen south west wales i was wondering if we have to put money up front to get the plants needed ect

  13. There are two main reasons for this condition, the main one being dryness. If your lawn is on a slope it will drain and a lichen takes over which actively sheds water because it likes being dry – remedy, replace the lawn, making sure it is relaid on plenty of absorbent material to at least six inches depth.
    If this is not the case it just needs water, and try raking absorbent material over the top regularly until the problem has abated..
    There are alternatives to peat, (the old tried and proved material, which we now have to think of as a last resort because of peat bogs being endangered), like Coya, which is the dried ‘hair’ from coconuts.

  14. I have seen the programme “Love Your Garden” yesterday,a great programme but it made me ashamed of my own garden. How can I give a surprise to my wife.

  15. Katie can you come and give us some ideas on planting etc on our garden it’s about a 3rd of an acre
    Many thanks Jim

  16. Hi Alan (and team). Really moved with the show for Nina shown 23/6/15. For ages tried to grow something other than Auriculas in a little theatre that I made. The show answered the question. Sedums. Thank you so much. The garden you made in memory for Gareth was really special. I hope Nina and family have many years of enjoyment from it. Just hope I can grow something in memory of him. Seemed a very special person.

  17. Hi there
    you had a episod on lady namd rachel with her 5 children one in a wheelchair. The back garden was amazing and was created around touch smell sounds dor the children. Davis attenbourough loojs at plants at nyt through uv light. Ut would be nic to give rhat family uv lights for their garden at night for poppy their daughter that’d be nice
    Thanks bex

  18. How do I get help with a back garden that is part of a relatively new build, naff soil tree roots, I’m in the middle of having both knees replaced live on my own and am strapped for cash, don’t want anything too over the top just easy to maintain and more colourful than now as all I have is grass

  19. can you do my mum granden with colourfull things and some where for family and frinds so no kids can get on the granden and a fun granden

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