Suppliers – Episode 3 – Tuesday 9th July 2013

Massive thanks to the following companies, without whom this episode of  Love Your Garden would not have been possible..

Gaming Chair and various PS accessories : 4gamers

Pod : Adaptapods

Background print in pod : Marshall Print

Addagrip basketball playing surface :  Addagrip 

Aggregates and Modena Sunset Buff paving : Aggregate Industries/Bradstone 

All electrical work installed by : High Spec Electrics

Cushions Angelic Interiors 

Mosaic Anne Cardwell

Barbeque :  Archway Sheet Metal Works

3D rendering services for on screen graphics :  Artlantis 

Monitor:  Asus

Grab lorry waste collection and disposal:  Axtell

Cement mixer, breaker and wheelbarrows :  Belle

Basketball net : Big Game Hunters

Men and womens gardening gloves : Bionic Gloves

Red planters : Bright Green

Provided transport logistics solutions for contributors and presenters :  BMW

Watering cans, pruning knives, knee pads and gardening tools : Burgon & Ball

Cordek protective sheeting : Cordek

Stabilising grid : Coregravel

Glass gravel : Derbyshire Aggregates

Gabion mesh cages : Devoran Metals Ltd

Water Feature : Ebdon Weller

Pod transport logistics : Elite Transport

Provided unit vehicle and equipment transport facilities : Europcar

Secatuers and knives : Felco

T-Shirts : Fruit Of The Loom

Tree watering tube : Green Leaf

Recliner and table and chairs : Hartman

Fencing Harvest Timber Products :

Supplied CTE CS135 dual powered lift for elevated camera shots : Higher Access

HIPPOSKIPS™, MEGABAGS and MIDIBAGS for the collection and removal of all the waste : HIPPO™

Hoses fittings etc:  Hozelock

Excavator : JCB

Cement : Lafarge

Water feature pump and grille : Maidenhead Aquatics

Clothing, chop saw, drills and power tools : Makita

Compost :  Melcourt

Cushion Covers : Modupe Ajongbolo Contact :

2 beanbags : Outdoor Beanbags

Fence paint : Protek Products

Trugs : Rainbow Trugs

Playstation 3 Sony

Post hole borer, chain saw, disc cutter and power tools :  Stihl 

Purbeck Stone : Suttle Stone  

Mycorrhyza : Symbio 

Turf cutter Tracmaster

Excavator Travis Perkins 

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