Suppliers – Episode 4 – Tuesday 16th July 2013

Massive thanks to the following companies, without whom this episode of  Love Your Garden would not have been possible..
Lovenberry Summerhouse : UK Garden Buildings

Excavator:  Travis Perkins

Excavator : JCB

Post hole borer, chain saw, disc cutter and power tools :  Stihl 

Clothing, chop saw, drills and power tools : Makita

Cement mixer, breaker and wheelbarrows :  Belle

Lawn mower and tiller Viking

Trugs : Rainbow Trugs

Secatuers and knives : Felco

T-Shirts : Fruit Of The Loom

Watering cans, pruning knives, knee pads and gardening tools : Burgon & Ball

Men and womens gardening gloves : Bionic Gloves

Aggregates and paving : Aggregate Industries/Bradstone 

Cement : Lafarge

HIPPOSKIPS™, MEGABAGS and MIDIBAGS for the collection and removal of all the waste : HIPPO™

Plants : Evergreen Exterior Services

Sahara Oak 2 Burner BBQ : Calor

Family Tree Papercut : Eticuts

3x garden fairy doors Fairy Door Store

Campervan Picture : Love Hart

3x personalised mushroom stools :  Forest Crafts

2x signposts : Potting Shed Designs

Inground trampoline and walling : Capital Play

Turf Q Lawn

Planters Rowlinson Garden Products

Laura Ashley hanging baskets and brackets Tenax

2x rocking chairs and cushions Trueshopping

25m sq wildflower turf Wildflower Turf

Compost :  Melcourt

Photoframes : Trade Pictureframes

Laurel hedging : Hedges Direct

COREgrass panels : COREgravel

Hazel Hurdles : Primrose

Waterproofs : Target Dry

Boots and Jacket:  Dubarry

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