Suppliers Episode 4 – Tuesday 15th July 2014

Massive thanks go to all the companies below without whom this episode of Love Your Garden could not have been made.

Thanks guys! protected our tootsies and supplied us all with hard workwear boots supplied the lovely Katie with a pair of boots for her to stomp around in the mud in provided all the crew with the best quality t-shirts around. If ever we launch a rock band and go on stadium tours, the merchandise will be Fruit of the Loom! helped us get from A to B (sometimes via W, but that’s the fault of the navigator, not the lovely van hire people). kept all the pets (and a couple of runners) happy with their wonderful organic pet food hampers ensure that all our plants get off to a great start in the best top soil/compost around are always on hand to clear away all the rubbish and keep everything spick and span. always made sure we had enough aggregate, from the bottom of their hearts – the guys and gals at Lafarge kindly supplied all our cement for this series of Love Your Garden – If we need something large, strong and very very capable, we call Travis Perkins. If Travis isn’t around, they send us a large truck instead. Thanks for all your help guys (and gals!) – the lovely folk at Capel Manor have put up with a repeated barrage of filming from us, we just can’t keep away! – the fab people at Rainbow Trugs are helping us again this series, ensuring we stay stylish when carting all our clobber about. – when our families need to travel in style, we call BMW. When the crew need to travel, we find a bus stop.

Items featured on the show :

Breathable latex grip gloves
Wellies, Kneepads & gardening gloves
Axes, loppers & gardening tools
Aquatak high pressure washer 

Power tools 
Wheelbarrows and cement mixers 
Drills, chop saws and power tools

Leather gardening gloves
Hoses and watering equipment

Shed for green roof M&M Timber
Alpine Plants

Butterfly Blackboard
Correx Cordek
Fold away washing line Brabantia
Garden Games Garden Games

XL Smoker BBQ
Wooden wheelie bin Rowlinson Garden Products
Hanging baskets Laura Ashley Garden ;

VT Balcony Plants
Turf supplied by Mr Watmore’s Turf
All pond plants and the fibre glass pond in a pot supplied by
Personalised planter boxes supplied by

Q-Deck Lunawood hidden fix decking



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