Suppliers – Episode 8 Tuesday 11th August 2015

Massive thanks go to all the companies below without whom this episode of Love Your Garden could not have been made.

Thanks guys!

Fruit of The Loom – Green Polo shirts for team working in garden –

Cordek – Cordek sheets for entire series –

Thatchers – Kindly provided a barrel of personalised cider for the Drakey’s bar –

Not On The High Street – Double top milk jug –

Not On The High Street- Potting Shed Designs supplied us with wooden painted signs –

Michaela Kelly – A huge thank you to artist, Michaela Kelly, who designed and painted a stunning pub sign for the Drake’s garden bar –

Hoverbug – Kindly donated the vinyl Letters for the pub sign for the Drake’s garden bar –

Davlyn’s Bodyshop – Supplied the ironwork for the bespoke pub sign for the Drake’s garden bar – 01664 562000

Cobwebs – Made a bespoke picture frame for the Drake’s pub sign –

Camonets – x2 camouflage Nets, Bar pump

The Firepit Company – Stunning bespoke, hand-made 800mm fire bowl –

John Davidson – Pipes Pipe for tunnel –

The Garden Village – Wood stores – or

Ebay – Slide –

Cheap Beds Direct – Waterproof mattress –

Tarpaflex – Sail Shade –

Baghera – Wooden steering wheel (paid in euro’s – cost price converted at current exchange rate) –

Express Print – Metal sign and photo + delivery etc. –

Ducks & Drakes Cancer Trust – Charity founded by Andrew and family –

Wessex Rope & Packaging Ltd – 50m rope for the day bed –

Dalrymple woodcraft – x6 Log planters – Dalrymple Woodcraft Facebook

Garden Furniture Centre – x3 Curved backless benches –

Palmer’s Brewery – Hand Pull pump kit – – x50 Personalised beer mats –

Breedon – Gravel –

Malvern Garden Buildings – Bar –

Dingley Dell Enterprises – Bushman Wood Fired Oven –

Dorset Fencing Supplies – Timber for mound –

Protek – Wood stain, Timber for tractor, log round cladding and wooden bench –

Hobbycraft – Jam Jars, ribbon and bunting –

Dorset Hurdles – Split hazel poles for jam jar lanterns –

Tillers Turf – Wildflower turf –

Q Lawns – Turf –

Bradstone – Paving –

Townsend Timber – Timber rounds, posts for day bed, woodstain for shed and other timber

Buckland Newton Hire – Excavators –

Primrose – Hazel hurdle fencing –

The Oak and Rope Company – Oak Milepost –

Hide Rugs – Sheepskin throws –

IKEA – Cushions & soft furnishings –

Hazelbury Timber – Supplies supplied us with the bench, cladding for the shed and other timber items

Knoll Gardens – Supplied us with the beautiful ornamental grasses –

John Bright Fencing Ltd – Supplied fencing for bottom of garden –

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