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Getting inspiration for a garden re-design can be tricky. Unless you already have a clear vision of what you want in your space, seeing all the options that open gardens, garden centres and horticultural shows have to offer can be mind-blowing.

ITV's Love Your GardenIt’s good then to write down a few pointers first of things which you absolutely need to have in your outside space.  When you’ve done this, think about the type of planting you like – are you a flowery person or do you prefer more architectural plants which make a statement?

Often your taste will already be defined by your home, if you’re a neat ordered minimalist inside you are hardly likely to enjoy a wildflower meadow outside. Think about shapes, lines, colours and write all these things down, in order to compile a wishlist from which it will be easier to design from.

All our Love Your Garden projects are based on the needs of the individual families – and the kind of outside space which is going to make a difference to their lives.  Any good garden designer needs to be capable of designing something which has the wow factor but can be easily maintained and give years of enjoyment, whilst growing and maturing.

ITV's Love Your Garden

The water garden at Beth Chatto Garden in Essex

Only when they have this list do our designers set out in search of inspiration – sometimes this involves only going a few doors down to see what the neighbours have done with a similar space.  One way you can do this yourselves is to investigate the Open Gardens Scheme – run by the National Garden Scheme.

Check out their website and see what is on offer in your area, often at a very small cost or charitable donation and a great way of making new friends in the neighbourhood too. Often, even if you weren’t planning on making more of your outside space, they can result in you wanting to make more of what you already have.

For other inspiration, visit gardens of stately homes such as English Heritage, National Trust and RHS but don’t forget other independent gardens such as Beth Chatto in Essex which can be found on the Visit England website.

However and wherever you go for it, let the inspiration grab hold of you by the trowel and give you a garden you can love forever!


Ready to sweat it out?

Recent long-range weather reports show that summer 2014 is expected to be a long hot one – with some even saying that it could be the hottest in HISTORY.

Whilst this has school kids and most of the population whooping for joy, the ITV Love Your Garden team know it means an awful lot of sweat.  The weather predictions show that dawn-to-dusk sunshine will arrive at some point in May and remain with us until the end of August, exactly covering the build schedule on this year’s ITV garden makeover series.

It will be reminiscent of last years July heatwave, which saw 19 days reach temperatures of 82f (28c) or above, and saw the Love Your Garden team of Alan Titchmarsh, David Domoney, Frances Tophill and Katie Rushworth really pushed to the limit under scorching sunshine.

ITV's Love Your Garden

Love Your Garden brought the sun to Cambridge in 2013..

Whether rain or shine, the gardens have to be built to a schedule, and it’s debatable which is worst for the UK gardener, both bringing their own individual issues to deal with.  LYG presenter Frances Tophill says it’s a tough choice. “For gardens, sun is definitely better, you can always add more water, whereas with torrential rain it’s difficult to take it away! I do love working out in the rain though, I find it very refreshing”.

Landscape gardener David Domoney would choose rain every time. “I can work in just a t-shirt in winter – I can’t work if it’s too hot. The build in Tonbridge last year was just too hot for me, I was melting” says David.

The team have faced more than their fair share of weather extremes, with almost nonstop torrential rain on one build in 2012.  Don’t miss the series starting at the end of June 2014 to find out what particular meteriological challenges the team faced in 2014!



ITV's Love Your Garden BBQ Calor

Unsung Heroes – Calor

ITV's Love Your Garden BBQ Calor

Broil king BBQ in episode 7 from Calor

When the good weather hits we all want to be outside having a good old family BBQ.

That’s why it’s so great that the fabulous people at Calor have been so generous with this series of Love Your Garden.

They have donated some fabulous outdoor cooking solutions to the families, to ensure that they get the most from their garden, all year round.  Like this amazing Broil King gas bbq from tonight’s episode.

Whether you’re looking for a compact and efficient BBQ for general use, or a model packed with multi-functional features for some serious grilling; Broil King gas BBQs are ideal for any kind of outdoor meal or party. Broil King BBQs can be provided with or without a Calor LPG gas cylinder.

They have an extensive range for all budgets, check them out at and you could be the broil king in your household!


We’re all about design on Love Your Garden, but this doesn’t just extend to the gardens.

Frances Tophill ITV's Love Your Garden presenter

Frances wearing Viviene of Holloway blouse

Our presenters are a dapper bunch, and we owe a big thanks to the wonderful people over at Viviene of Holloway, who have provided our lovely Frances with some great clothing for the series.

The  label is famed for its 1940’s and 50’s inspired look and has dressed celebs such as Kelly Brook along with our fabulous Frances. Frances loves the land-girl look so much that she is planning to stock up on more of the great designs from Viviene of Holloway.

If you want to see for yourself, the store is located (as you would expect) at 294 Holloway Road, London N7 6NJ, T:020 88084241 – Web Order Enquiries T: 0208 8084241 or check out their website at

Loving the land-girl look..